Young Ireland

Young Ireland

Young Ireland is a father-son, Irish-American folk duo based in San Luis Obispo, California. First and second generation Irish-Americans with County Mayo, Ireland roots, Patrick and Michael O’Hara bring to the stage inspiring, original songs and storytelling. “Authentic!” hails Glen Starkey of the New Times, San Luis Obispo. Diane Byrnes, veteran Irish radio host (“Echoes of Erin” Pittsburgh, PA) says, “Huge success is just over the horizon for ‘Young Ireland’ and for those who love Irish music, ’Young Ireland’ is a testament to the strength and musicality of the ‘song’.”
Young Ireland writes and performs their original songs reflecting the spirit of the Irish struggles, triumphs and traditions in both Ireland and America from the 1600's to modern day. Whether they are playing a lilting aire or a driving, rhythmic march, their music is driven by “skillfully crafted ballads and delicate harmonies in a richly Irish tradition.” They also perform traditional Irish folk songs and apply their own folk stylings to selections from great Irish bands like the Waterboys and The Pogues. At age fifteen, Michael sings with the “heart of an old soul.”



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