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Xeno & Oaklander

Xeno and Oaklander are a minimal electronics girl/boy duo, and they are based in Brooklyn, NY. They began writing music and soundtracks in 2004. Miss Liz Wendelbo is French / Norwegian and Sean McBride is from Maryland. They record their songs live in their studio and play analogue synthesizers and instruments exclusively. They have toured Europe and the West Coast extensively, and they have played on the East Coast in music venues, lofts and festivals. They have also performed at SF Moma, PS1 Warm Up, Miami Art Basel, the Zürich Kunsthalle and the New Museum in New York. Sean McBride has created original music for artists Annika Larsson, Jonah Freeman, Annee Olofsson and Dara Birnbaum. Xeno & Oaklander have recently scored a soundtrack for artist Fabian Marti. Their latest Remix is for John Foxx and the Maths

ERAAS is a tribal atmospheric quartet based in Brooklyn led by its two founding members Robert Toher and Austin Stawiarz which arose from the ashes of New England-based project Apse in 2011, forming with the desire to create more ritualistic and darker themes. Live, the band, generally as a 4-piece, elicit foreboding, cautionary themes, mixing driving percussion, krautrock basslines tangled with hypnotic guitars and ethereal vocals.

Brooklyn's Azar Swan were catapulted into the spotlight toward the end of last year after lighting up blogs across the globe with their debut track 'Amrika'. Founding members Zohra Atash and Joshua Strawn have stepped out of the shadows once more with 'Lusty', a pulsating three minute slog through swells of frighteningly resonant percussion and ominous bass rumbles.

The spectre of their past incarnation as an instrumental ensemble appears at the midway point; distorted whirrs of synthesizer and hollow industrial clanks come to the fore, gripping at Zohra's ghostly pipes and squeezing out the kind of twisted, tribal incantations perfected by These New Puritans on Hidden.

Soviet Soviet

Post-punk leaning trio SOVIET SOVIET were born in 2008 on the Adriatic coast of Pesaro, Italy by Alessandro Costantini (vocalist/guitarist), Andrea Giometti (lead vocalist/bassist) and Alessandro Ferri (drums). In 2009, they gained notoriety with a handful of self-released singles (including two EPs on Mannequin) and incessant touring in Europe. Felte's release of their new LP "Fate" finds the band with a with a tighter ferocity and frenetic punchy sheen. Sounds that would have been right at home on either Factory or 4ad circa 1981-83. Their forthcoming LP has been getting heavy rotation on the decks of the PTP radio show, and we look forward to welcoming them to The Echo stage for their U.S. debut.


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