Black Horse Motel

Black Horse Motel

Since its inception in 2008, Philadelphia-based Americana band Black Horse Motel has managed to conjure up a sound that speaks clearly to its versatility. Drawing on traditional Eastern and Western folk roots, classical training, and an affinity for unifying harmonies, this kindred troupe finds their voice through earthy songs, stories that recount poignantly the details of their inspiration. The foundation, the pages upon which these stories find life, is laid by a mélange of instruments (cello, banjo, guitar, viola/violin, percussion, mandolin, melodica) that render this quintet’s sound dexterous, accessible and mercurial.

In 2011, Black Horse Motel began to see the fruits of their doggedness come to bear, highlighted by a second place finish in the Music-a-live! Philly band competition hosted by the Legendary Dobb’s. Performing at many of Philadelphia’s top venues (North Star Bar, Dobb’s, World Cafe Live, The Fire), BHM started to demand the attention of casual fan and industry professional alike.

Looking to build on the momentum of the past year, Black Horse Motel has endured the turbulence of an impactful lineup change, managing to recreate sound and set-list. 2012 promises to be a defining year for BHM as it looks to explore uncharted territory, already booking shows in Delaware, Connecticut and New York.

black horse motel is:
David Richardson – banjo, mandolin, keys, guitar, vocals
Josh Cradic – guitar, vocals
Megan Manning – drums, percussion, melodica, vocals
Desiree Haney – cello, keys, melodica, bells, vocals
Johnell Lawrence – viola, violin

Kwesi K


"Here’s something truly unique about his delivery and writing which harks back to his African descent, the drums, the wind instruments, the slightly gospel style backing vocals, it’s all seriously good."
---Self Blown (UK)

"He does what they do but with a little more soul."
---Phillip Yung, Earmilk, Blog

"Affectionately referred to as "Graceland's cousin", 'Fold' is a vibrant tune that brings his talents emphatically to the forefront."
---Dan McGurk, Root Down in the Shadow

"I was quickly won over by Kwesi K’s easy stage manner and evocative voice."
----Bill Dawers, Savannah Now

"Kankam’s diverse soul-influenced folk encompasses multifarious simplicity"
---The Music Court, Blog

" His voice has a presence that commands your attention..."
--Low Philadelity

"A singer-songwriter and photographer who has dropped a number of introspective, breathtaking tracks..."
---John Vettese, 88.5 XPN

"...but it’s those songs, on his new EP Ran Away From Here, that are really grabbing us."
---Joey Sweeney, Philebrity, Blog

"Kwesi Kankam’s music is so diverse, eclectic, and draws from so many different genres "
---One Fan At A Time, Blog

"But what you'll remember most is that voice — soulful and light, powerful and tender."
---Michael Duck, Morning Call

"Kankam's voice is memorable for its warmth and carefree soulfulness."
---Brian Tucker, Star News Online

"Kwesi Kankam is a fine singer/songwriter in the soul singer tradition."
---Charlie Silvestri, WBZH

" Both his guitar playing and singing were exceptional, and he won the nod of a four-judge panel before more an audience of than 50 people."
---John Moser, The Morning Call

The Sun Flights

The Sun Flights are a Philadelphia based folk duo with an emphasis on harmonies and lyrics featuring Natalie Butts (vocals & guitar), Claire Duncombe (vocals).

$8.00 - $10.00


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