Jason Ager, Nalani and Sarina

Jason Ager

Jason Ager is a blues-rock artist with hip-hop and R&B influences. Jason’s self-taught guitar style is distinguished by stylized palm muting and percussive striking. He has been playing original music since picking up the guitar, and has grown a loyal following in his hometown Philadelphia music scene. With moves to Washington, D.C. and now Baltimore, Jason is a staple in clubs from New York to Virginia. He leads a trio that moves audiences to the dance floor, and also performs upbeat acoustic music that tests the boundaries of the traditional singer-songwriter.

Nalani and Sarina

Meaningful songs, tastefully played and soulfully sung with unifying harmonies all wrapped up in a contemporary package. 20-year-old twin singer-songwriters Nalani & Sarina strip the pop scene into something raw and real.

$8.00 - $10.00


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