Cleans vs. Screams

Sovereign is a melodic progressive metal band based out of Charlotte, NC. Creating a sound that is both powerful and unrelenting. Sovereign has infused a variety of classical, middle eastern, and jazz features that are seldom found in the Charlotte metal scene. For the first time listener Sovereign brings a rich, full tone sound to the ears. With a live show full of high energy and musical dexterity, Sovereign remains unyielding and inexorable.

Crimson Countess

Crimson Countess is an all female melodic metal from Greensboro, NC They started up in Jan of 2011 as four friends just wanting to play music together. They have had some changes in line up recently, but they have gotten lucky enough to fall into place with the right ones. Crimson Countess consists of Shoshana, B, Kristy, and Jen .Shoshana just recently started playing the drums and is improving with each show. She has high energy and loves to feed off the crowd. B is the powerhouse voice that stands them apart. She has incredible range and always blows people away. Kristy has been playing guitar for 7 years. She has a unique style and is already unleashing her beast upon us. Jen has been a guitarist for years, but tears up the bass with Crimson. Her fast fingers and high energy keeps eyes peeled for sure.

Fall of Corruption

From the debris of past accomplishments and failures comes Fall Of Corruption. A five piece emerging with a sound unlike anything you've ever heard before. After years of talk between drummer James Bosworth and guitarist Joel Writesman, FoC (Fall Of Corruption) began with an approach to hitting the scene with a new style of fast paced melodic metal. With the addition of guitarist Jason McCoigs heart felt leads and melodic chorusus FoC started to take shape. After talk with with vocalist Josh Pullen FoC got the brutal screams, growls and fist pumping vocals that would set them apart indefinitely. All that was needed now was Tommy Lemerond on bass to bring the drive and thunder that FoC needed to become one of the most versatile metal bands on the scene. Get ready because when we're on the bill your mind will be blown by an insane live performance and you will leave replaying our tunes over and over until you can't stand it anymore and somehow you find yourself at another one of our shows. So get ready to rock out with us and make it out to a show!!

A Mile At Sea

We're a metalcore band from Greenwood, SC.

Jordan Caparell- Vocals
Mikey Smith- Rhythm Guitar
Andrew Johnson- Lead Guitar
Eric Johnson- Bass
Ryan Doolittle- Drums

Take the Fall

Hailing from Charlotte North Carolina, Take the Fall has been an active part of the Charlotte Music Scene since early 2012. The band strives to bring their own take to female fronted Pop-Punk, utilizing a male-female dual lead vocal dynamic. The band has been playing shows on a regular basis since September of 2012. They will take a break from live shows in December 2012, to begin preproduction for their Debut EP, to be recorded in January. The album, titled, "It's not the end of the World" will be recorded January 10th-14th at Mockingbird Studios in Tyler, TX. The band will enlist the help of renowned Charlotte-native producer Brooks Paschal (VersaEmerge, There for tomorrow). The album is scheduled for release on March 15th, and the band is already in the planning stages of the "It's not the end of the world tour" which will hit the east coast in early March.

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Plus $3 surcharge for those under 21

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