The Nitemare B4 Xmas

The Saloon Ensemble

The Saloon Ensemble was birthed on the open playa of Nevada’s own Burning Man festival in 2005! Our members are musicians in Portland’s favorite bands including MarchFourth Marching Band, Vagabond Opera, Trashcan Joe, The Eels, Sweet Juice, The Ukeladies, and The Pete Krebs Trio who come together for one mission only: FUN!!! Our seemingly bottomless bucket of material ranges from original musical productions ("JAWZ THE MUSICAL in 3D!" "The Nitemare B4 Xmas,") to all-out dance parties featuring zaney originals and outlandish spins of pop hits from every genre imaginable – all performed with swingy, jazzy, campy, loungey, wild & crazy flare! With Crazy Costume Parties, Kazoo Symphonies, Tap-Dancing, Shark Attacks, Whiskey Sipping, Swing Dancing, Sing-A-Longs, and Spontaneous Stripping, the one thing you can always expect is one heck of a good time!


maracaBOOM! was founded to help introduce the profound beauty, energy, and diversity of Northeastern Brazilian popular and folkloric music, culture, and tradition to North America. Primarily a percussion ensemble, maracaBOOM! encourages the involvement of community members as collaborators, co-conspirators, and performers.

maracaBOOM! is a music group in Portland, Oregon, whose goal is to bring the sincerity, creativity, joy, and staggering cultural richness of Northeastern Brazil to the Northwest through its incredible music and dance.



Announcing this year's 'horrible' production of The Saloon Ensemble's "The Nitemare B4 Xmas," running from Halloween Night through The Day of The Dead, Oct 31 - Nov 2!!!! Show features the entire Danny Elfman Score performed live by our nine-piece Saloon orchestra (including sing-a-longs!) and stars Jeremiah Guske and LaTisha Strickland as Jack and Sally, plus the dazzling Russell Bruner as Oogie Boogie! A different opening act for each show! There's even a costume contest for 'Best from Film,' a Screaming Contest, and a booty-shaken after-party each night with with The Saloon Ensemble playing all of your Halloween favorites!! All-ages kiddie matinee on Sat afternoon featuring Joy Now!

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