Lazer Cake

Lazer Cake

The indie-pop band Lazer Cake was formed in Brooklyn, NY during the winter of 2011. While paying homage to the groundwork of great rock n’ roll songwriting (a la The Cars, Tom Petty), Lazer Cake is blazing a trail of their own with up-tempo pop tunes full of exuberant hooks and melodic twists. In 2011, Lazer Cake contributed the original single “Love and Lay Down” for an episode of NBC’s “Parenthood.” Fans of Phoenix and The Shins will appreciate singer/drummer
Robby Sinclair’s vocals as they cut through a canvas made of synths and broad-stroke guitars (Alan Markley/Ryan Ferriera). Grant Zubritzky (bass) sets it all in motion, and the band performs a dynamic live show that has the underground Brooklyn scene abuzz.

Lazer Cake is releasing their second EP – Welcome to the Bitter Dawn - on October 2nd. Produced by the up-and-coming visionary Colin Killalea, this release marks the real debut of a band whose music is both sharp and sweet.

The Love Ways

The Love Ways are a rock band from Brooklyn, NY by way of Goshen, NY. Each member grew up on a different diet of early-2000's alt-rock and they meet somewhere in the middle. "None of us are in the band we want to be in" is a joke frequently voiced in band meetings, and is exactly what makes them the band they are.


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