The Sea Life

Infectious D.C. indie-rockers The Sea Life have found a most charming blend of shoegaze, indie pop and general lo-fi fuzz. From their beginnings four years ago in high school, the band has come a long way in developing their sound and audience, receiving much critical attention for their unique sound and energy. This originality is largely attributed to the band's mastery of a wide range of styles and their ability to seamlessly transition from an awesomely dreamy track to a fast guitar-driven number without any sense of dissonance. This show on Halloween will be the release show of their new EP, accompanied by various artists from and close to the band, presenting work never seen before.

Sun Club

Sun Club formed in June 2010 when a band called Pandomonia decided to collaborate with a cool guy named Kory for a show. Immediately after the show, Pandomonia asked Kory to be a permanent member of the band. After playing under the name Pandomonia for a year and a half, the band decided to change their name to Sun Club for their debut self-titled release on May 11, 2012.



Upcoming Events
DC9 Nightclub