"Freedom is a double-edged sword…we are inspired to create from the ugly as well as the beautiful."
The Los Angeles based rock group, LESSER KEY, represents an exploration into personal and artistic freedom.
The group consists of Andrew Zamudio, Brett Fanger, Justin Hanson and Paul D'Amour (founding Tool bassist)

For the video of their debut single, "Intercession," the band collaborated with director Brian Butler who they first met at his performance of "The Bartzabel Working" (Butler, Kenneth Anger and James Franco's adaptation of an Aleister Crowley ritual)

The group recently finished their debut EP with producer Sylvia Massy (System of a Down, Tool, Johnny Cash) seeing a street date late in 2013 through Sumerian Records.

Sumerian Founder Ash Avildsen states:
"Lesser Key's songwriting and passion for their craft immediately mesmerized me upon discovering them. Rock music needs a band like this right now: a hypnotic candle amidst neon lights."

"It is exciting working with a label like Sumerian because they are willing to try new things. Most of the bands they choose to work with usually have a different flavor or progressive element to them that's not typical of other bands. We are excited to add to the diversity of the roster with our artistry and music."

Numic is a band that has been around the San Francisco Bay Area music scene for around 8 years. They have a solid fan base not just in the Bay Area, but in places throughout the country and a pocket of fans internationally as well. They play aggressive, in your face, attention grabbing music that is dark, heavy, melodic and complex all at once. They believe in what they do, and know that the connection they have and continue to make with their fans is what it's all about. Numic knows with the right direction, commitment and opportunity they can reach another level in reaching new fans and impacting the heavy music landscape.
With arrangements that reflect Mudvayne, aggression that is reminiscent of Pantera and emotion that resembles A Perfect Circle, the music blends dynamics, emotion and melody with hooks that leave you singing it all day. Numic's ideas for future releases, performing concerts and long-term goals, requires picking industry professionals that are ready to help promote us to the highest level possible. They've taken on every aspect of their career so far.

Ignore it all you want, but our world is on fire... We have much to discuss.

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