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Confluence mixes angular, math-y arrangements with catchy melodies and subtle grooves to attain a sound that is both emotionally engaging and musically deft.

Since January 2013, this Denver-based quartet has shared the stage with Maps and Atlases, Radiation City, Typhoon, AAN, And So I Watch You From Afar, The Tontons and This Town Needs Guns.

This winter, they will release a string of new singles as recorded by Tim Gerak of Mammoth Cave studios.

Abandin Pictures

Abandin Pictures formed while at University of Colorado- Denver, where all of the members study music. The experimental song writing that Abandin Pictures revolves arounds relies on its influences and their own ability to make the music they love. Member's include Nick Berlin (drums, vocals), Emerson Murphy (bass), Jake Supple (Lead Singer), Noah Pfaff (guitar), and Connor Birch (guitar). The band lives and thrives in Denver, CO


Rossonian is a band of white boys named after a legendary black jazz club who don’t play jazz. In "On The Road", Jack Keroac wrote about the ‘lilac evening’ in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood where the century-old dilapidated hotel and lounge’s facade still sits today. He must have experienced the art deco sign flickering on in the twilight, signaling the approaching night and all the ‘…joy, kicks, darkness, music…’ that it would bring. Though the worn but still handsome sign hasn’t been lit in over half a century, the band with its namesake delivers the same blissful reminder of pleasure and darkness to come. Rossonian’s music is the thrill of anticipation as you prepare yourself for the ecstasy of heading out into the night. Alone or with a party, it is the haze of the early evening becoming more apparent by the darkening of the night sky and its contrast with the slowly protruding urban light. The glow that makes you wonder where you are and where you are going.

Sounds like: A grittier, groove oriented Alt-J with Bowie/Beck-like multiform ingenuity and the beautifully pop polished quirkiness of bands like Steely Dan and Vampire Weekend. Pandora thinks we sound like Arcade Fire.

el Toro de la Muerte

"In a world where the perfect pop record can be made in your living room — given the right equipment, sufficient talent and all the time in the world — it's easy to lose track of the immediacy and spontaneity that make rock and roll so visceral and exciting. Fortunately, Colorado Springs-based El Toro de la Muerte hasn't lost track. On the forthcoming EP, "Dancer These Days," the veteran rockers prove that art-rock can still rock."

-Eryc Eyl, Denver Post Reverb


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