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Frontier Ruckus

"…delicate, finger-picked banjos, aching, oaky violin and the haunting voice of frontman Matthew Milia, who conjures what might happen had Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum been raised in a log cabin. Their songs are full of rich, rural details: frozen lakes, swaying trees, highway lights glowing in the deep night. Add to the mix baleful brass and trembling percussion, and you've got the perfect recipe for Gothic Americana." – Rolling Stone

"The literate angst and spare, elegant sound of 2010's Deadmalls & Nightfalls, powered by a handful of acoustic instruments… and some tactfully applied horns… suggests a middle ground between the Palace Brothers and Sufjan Stevens, but the effect feels more like the shared experiences of Midwestern brethren than any conscious borrowing, and Milia and his bandmates give this album a full and satisfying sound without sacrificing the open spaces that add so much to the power of this music." – All Music Guide

"On the surface their music is a careful blend of folk and bluegrass, but below the obvious layer many fans sensed an intangible element ingrained within the notes and lyrics Frontier Ruckus, through some kind of rare ability, turned memories into melodies and transformed a from-the-inside-out examination of their native Michigan into a creaky back-porch storytelling session relevant well beyond the Great Lakes. Deadmalls and Nightfalls is a musical map to the psyches of its performers. You will want to know the words by heart to sing under the haze of summer starlight, alongside the roaming river, while drifting down forgotten backroads, and contemplating the causes and effects of urban sprawl." – PopMatters

"Deadmalls and Nightfalls also paints pictures, in vivid imagery of American scenery, life, and love, with not a single word misplaced in its poetic grace. Deadmalls and Nightfalls is an album meant to be combed through and listened to time and again, an album to bask in." – Under the Radar

"So what do banjos, dobros, trumpets, alto horn and a singing saw have in common? One wouldn't think very much were it not for Frontier Ruckus, a citified quintet of rustic folkies whose name belies their mournful melodies. Though they hail from Detroit, their songs evoke the loneliness and isolation of a dust-blown prairie. It's a feeling owed in large measure to vocalist Matthew Milia, a star in the making…However this is no downer. Even in the face of that pervasive yearning, Deadmalls & Nightfalls boasts an unassuming, unfettered appeal that grows more affecting with each successive hearing." – Blurt

Marijuana Deathsquads

Marijuana Deathsquads is the ever-evolving, experimental project lead by Ryan Olson, (producer/writer of POLIÇA and GAYNGS), Ben Ivascu & Drew Christopherson (POLIÇA) Isaac Gale, and Stefon Alexander (P.O.S). With multiple drummers, a slew of electronic instruments, and highly effected vocals, their live shows are a violent onslaught of improvised yet tightly woven, jagged, intricate experimental sound.

This marks the first official tour Marijuana Deathsquads have done, and the shows themselves will no doubt be special, as Polica and Marijuana Deathsquads have a affinity towards each other of uncanny proportions. The chemistry these to acts will provide for attendees will be epic, and we would not recommend missing it.

Marijuana Deathsquads is touring in support of new record Oh My Sexy Lord

St. Paul & the Broken Bones

Paul is a young man who began wailing straight out of the womb, and most folks would agree that he hasn't stopped since. "Oh what a set of lungs that child has," they'd say, "he must be destined for something special." Not wishing to disappoint, and being a good young southern boy, Paul began singing in church, stretching those vocal cords with an eye toward becoming a man of the cloth. As it turns out, however, the cloth didn't appreciate young Paul's affinity for dirty jokes, Prince, and Tom Waits, and he was inclined to search elsewhere for co-conspirators. He began plying his trade with whomever would have him, and happily, folks were mostly impressed by his efforts. With a wholly re-imagined take on the sounds he'd grown up singing and seeking, Paul recruited a rag-tag band of loveable weirdoes, visionaries, and hacks to help him harness the power he now knew he possessed. Under the nom du guerre St. Paul and the Broken Bones, the motley crew roams the countryside looking to get cabooses shakin', faces meltin', and brothers and sisters everywhere testifyin'.

These Machines Are Winning

These Machines Are Winning: Defender 1 was created out of late night sessions at the Belafonte research center. Silvers left the conventional practice space and all of his currant projects to further his song writing and studio production. Once things were in motion, he invited Blake to add his unique style of bass playing that the songs needed. Picking up accidentally where his former band [Daryl] left off in its early synth driven noise pop haze it once created in 1999-2003.

After sending the rough mixes of D1 where Silvers and Casey Diiorio left off to friend and producer Dave Trumfio (Wilco, Buit to Spill, Granddaddy) of the Pulsars, Dave immediately became Interested in helping Silvers finish Defender 1 becoming a 3rd studio member. Silvers went to L.A. in the spring of 2012 to finish up additional tracking, mixes, and a bottle of Gusano Rojo's finest mezcal with Dave at Chateau Trumfio.

Silvers has always had a infliction with analog keyboards. The 77 punk scene, and noisy Pixies-esq / Kevin Shields guitar feedback swirl. Defender 1 blends those 3 key elements seamlessly. With simple infused analog beats, repetitious pop hooks, and Silvers raw yet melodic vocals, These Machines are Winning have a sound that's unmistakable there own. The band wields the early post punk energy of bands like The Clash, Missing Persons, and Joy Division, but is also very influenced by the art and production of Brian Enos' ambient under tones. They cultivated there own brand of hyper electro rock haven already being over half way done with their 2nd Lp, Defender 2 continuing the concept.

Mother Falcon

Mother Falcon is an orchestral indie band born in Austin, Texas that has quickly become an award winning recording act and a top concert draw, performing in rock clubs while maintaining a presence in the performing arts scene scoring plays and films.

The group began to coalesce around multi-instrumentalist and composer Nick Gregg while the members were still teenagers, coming together via orchestral and chamber music classes. Composing as a collective, the 18 piece ensemble includes several multi-instrumentalists and most of the players contribute vocals. Guitarist/pianist Claire Puckett, accordionist/pianist Tamir Kalifa and percussionist/saxophonist Issac Winburne form the creative core along with Nick Gregg, though all members contribute musically.

Still Life, the debut EP, was released in early 2010 and spawned the local hit "Marigold."

Dead Flowers

$39.00 - $99.00


CLUB DADA – FRIDAY 12:05 – 1:20pm – FRONTIER RUCKUS 10:45 – 11:35pm – ST. PAUL & THE BROKEN BONES 9:35 – 10:15pm – RANIA KHOURY & THE STONE WOLVES 8:30 – 9:05pm – PAGEANTRY CLUB DADA – SATURDAY 12:35 – 1:50pm -MARIJUANA DEATHSQUADS 11:20 – 12:10pm – THESE MACHINES ARE WINNING 10:15 – 10:55pm – MOTHER FALCON 9:10 – 9:50pm – DEAD FLOWERS

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