Freestyle Mondays BK Presents Gameshow Battle of Champions, Hosted by iLLspokinn, Mariella & DJ Milk Money, Freestyle Mondays Band

Freestyle Mondays BK Presents Gameshow Battle of Champions

Since 2001, it's New York's epicenter for freestyle rhymes and good times. The last surviving Bastian of the NYC Rawkus-era Hip-Hop, Freestyle Mondays is an open mic as diverse and engaging as the city that birthed it. MCs come from all over the world to spontaneously bless the crowd with impromptu rhyme schemes while backed by some of the city's most gifted musicians recreating the most beloved beats in rap history. It's a weekly event that's faithful to the past while boldly stepping into the future.

The second-longest running Hip-Hop open mic in the city's history, Freestyle Mondays offers a consistent constant stream of MCs all for the low, low price of absolutely free. That's right, there is no cover charge for the rappers, musicians or audience. Hosted by celebrated battle veteran iLLspokiNN and sultry songstress Mariella, the ever-rotating X-O band serves up a reinterpretation of a classic rap beat as the city's most promising young newcomers and esteemed veterans step-up one at a time to freestyle a verse. There's no limit to how many times they can rap in a night or how many rappers can perform, so you're guaranteed to never see the same show twice.

Freestyle Gameshow Battle

The first Monday of the month is host to one of the most challenging and entertaining rap battles in the city, the Freestyle Gameshow Battle. A single-elimination 16-MC tournament sees rappers go one-on-one as a wheel is spun determining the topic they will face-off over. From pop-culture to politics, no subject is too taboo as neither the rappers nor the audience know what to expect.

Hosted by iLLspokinn, Mariella & DJ Milk Money

Feat. Freestyle Mondays Band!

Artists Welcome! Come play!


FREE to watch * FREE to listen * FREE to play

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