The Shitfits

The Shitfits

You may remember a few metal/punk bands from Chester County's Bishop Shanahan & Downingtown High Schools called Redemption & Grenadier. They formed in the late 80's & met their demise in the late 90's. A few founding members (Kevin Ruggeri, Chris Oakes & Joe Baldino) stuck together to form a tribute band to the Misfits. It all started at a 1997 Halloween party in the basement of 123 West Miner St. in West Chester, playing their favorite Misfits songs with Kevin on drums, Chris on bass & Joe on guitar...throw in some fake devilocks & black eye make up and the Shitfits were born. Eric "Hellvis" Walsh grabbed the mic that night & since then they've invited their friends on stage to join them sing over the years on stage @ Rex's bar for a few years before it closed, and for the last 4 years, @ the Note. Various special guest vocals have included Dave Beam, Greg Boil of The Boils, Jon "Cheetah" Amichetti, Tom Fogerty, Ken Dacanay & Glenn Mutz of The Mutzfits and Redemption singer Jim Eckert. These days they're ALL so oldthat they can only find time ONCE A YEAR to get together & practice a few times to still play their favorite 20 Misfits songs (& a few old school surprises) for their Annual Halloween show, currently being hosted by owner Donnie & sound man Tom Martin & The Note. Come on out this year & get shitty with us!



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