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Wounded Buffalo Theory

Wounded Buffalo Theory takes myriad musical inspirations and creates a layered base of swirling sound to house catchy hooks, an abiding melodic sensibility, and provocative lyrics. Since forming in Albany in 2002, the now Brooklyn, NY-based band has experimented with a variety of musical styles and followed numerous whims; from hard rock guitar rave ups in the style of My Morning Jacket, Foo Fighters, and Neil Young, to more post rock and psychedelia inspiration like Godspeed You Back Emperor, Mogwai, Tool, and Sigur Ros, Wounded Buffalo Theory is always focusing on reinvention.

Wounded Buffalo Theory's 7th studio effort, Golden Days, is perhaps the best representation of the band's live sound to date. Self-produced by the band in their Brooklyn rehearsal space, Golden Days has a disciplined songwriting sensibility, melodic drive, and cohesive tone that bears testament to the band's evolution and maturation as a unit since the arrival of guitarist Kurt Leege in 2010. Catchy hooks like those in "Mrs. Danceypants" and "Lopez" blend seamlessly with more exploratory moments in "Jingo" and "Curvature of Shadow", all without losing a sense of place in the flow of the album as a whole. This album is a true record of the band as they are, an intimate snapshot of a finely tuned live unit caught on tape.

Formed in 2002 by Cowit (drums/vocals), Malko (bass/vocals/keyboards), John Blanton (guitar/vocals) and Mark Wise (guitar), WBT was spawned from a collective desire to create intelligent, beautiful, raging, and diverse music in both the live setting and in the studio.

WBT's early days saw a penchant for intense live showmanship, often playing 3 hour shows with no break, not repeating setlists at any show, and offering a wide array of originals (and a few ironic covers) that made for a unique gig experience. As the band grew, more emphasis was placed on solid songwriting that would last longer in the listener's mind than the last notes of the live show. The band took it's love for the composition of Neil Young, Led Zepplin, Bob Mould, The Replacements, and Pink Floyd, as well as it's desire to place those sentiments inside the context of it's more complex influences, such as Mogwai, King Crimson, and Frank Zappa, and combined it all into a swirling din of noise, words, and melody that would develop into a patented Buffalo sound.

The band became a trio in 2004, following the departure of Wise, and began a string of well received and exciting shows around the tri-state area, including shows at the Knitting Factory, Mercury Lounge, Tobacco Road, Kenny's Castways and more.

The band also became active as far as studio releases, recording its debut EP, Red, in their home studio with no assistance whatsoever, and releasing it completely independently. Red showcased individual songs in a studio setting that had been staples of the WBT catalogue, and included new sounds and diversity not heard from the band before, including acoustic tracks and the beginnings of the band's great interest in ambient music.

The band's appreciation for the works of Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Manual, and Windy and Carl paved the way for WBT's second official release, Blue, in 2005. Recorded completely live, with no overdubs, the album featured the band's instrumental side, including many strictly ambient works, as well as the band's increasing techno influences.

By this point, the band had grown slightly dismayed at the continued notion of simply not being able to play long enough at shows, so, utilizing a beautiful Andes, NY location, the band organized CabinFest, a yearly festival featuring multiple nights of WBT, plus a bevy of established bands that have become friends with Buffalo over the years. The 2007 edition (Cabinfest 4) featured over 16 acts over 3 nights, as well as a legendary 4 1/2 hour set of music on the second night of festivities.

In 2007, the band recorded and produced Green, a full length LP featuring 8 new songs that rank among the band's best work. Finally getting a chance to take their time and work within the limitless confines of their home studio, the band was able to create a cohesive and lush song cycle, a rock/pop/progressive collection that is drawn equally from the band's songwriting and instrumental prowess.

In 2008, virtuoso guitarist Lucas Shine joined the band, and brought a progressive, more technical edge to the sound. This was documented on It's Alright is Not Alright, an album recorded at Hard Luck Studios, in Brooklyn, and released in 2010. Featuring an entirely live arrangement of many WBT classics, as well as new tracks written with Shine, IAINA showcased the dual guitar attack that was featured prominently at the band's live shows. Following this release, Shine and the band parted amicably and Shine joined Brother Joscephus.

Diplomatic Immunity (2010) highlighted the electronic/dance/edm genres as templates for compositions, as the band continues its tradition of intelligent songwriting; the album revolves around a cycle of songs dealing with fear, both everyday and irrational, from topics as diverse as dying fame, retirement, space travel, BDSM, and bad DJ's. Musically, the album uses the dance context to deliver a more upbeat sound; layers of live and sampled drums move to the front of the mix, augmented by lush guitar soundscapes, floor-shaking bass lines, and dense vocal matricies that bring out some of the band's more psychedelic tendencies.

During the recording of Diplomatic Immunity in 2010, System Noise and Sometime Boys guitarist Kurt Leege joined Wounded Buffalo Theory, and immediately took the band into new and exciting territory, injecting classic blues and jazz ingenuity into the mix, and helping the band continue its tradition of live experimentation. Focused on creating a new body of material for this revamped lineup, WBT set to the work of collective songwriting, a process that quickly integrated Leege into the band's distinctive sound. The resulting crop of songs, along with a few reworked classics, appear on the band's 2012 release Golden Days.

Staring At Clouds

Staring at Clouds is a Brooklyn-based group that plays atmospheric and
experimental rock music. Combining a mixture of ambient textures,
interweaving guitar & violin voicings and off-balance rhythms
struggling to reach an equilibrium, the band creates a sound that is
both viciously aggressive and heartbreakingly beautiful.


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