Gorgeous old-world cabaret collides with modernity in Brooklyn's sui generis ensemble, Barbez. Wringing elements of avant-rock, Eastern European folksong, and post-war classical into an otherworldly soundscape this unique musical group shifts elegantly between meditative moments and sonic explosions.

For this performance, Barbez will be celebrating the release of their fifth album Bella Ciao (Tzadik), a stunning suite of music inspired by both ancient Roman Jewish melodies and the Italian Resistance during the Second World War. Nearly four years in the making, the record weaves the melodies of the Jews of Rome, the oldest Jewish community in Europe, into the group’s haunting mosaic of sound. Bella Ciao also pays homage to the Italian partisans during the Nazi occupation of Rome, incorporating Resistance poems by the great Italian writer and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini and his renowned contemporary, the poet Alfonso Gatto into the music, as well as recasting the title track, an international symbol of defiance for seventy years.

These performances will feature Peter Hess on clarinet and bass clarinet, Jean Cook on violin, Dan Kaufman on guitar, Andrew Jones on bass, and John Bollinger on drums.

Spires That in the Sunset Rise

Spires That in the Sunset Rise is an American Psych folk band from from Decatur, Illinois. The four original members of the band (Kathleen Baird, Georgia Vallas, Taralie Peterson, and Tracy Peterson) grew up together in Decatur, Illinois, eventually moving to Chicago, Illinois where they began to experiment with creating songs. Drawing from experimental music and multi-cultural music, they created a unique sound which they debuted on their first self-titled album 'Spires That in the Sunset Rise'.

Rabid Rabbit

"...the feel of unbridled experimentalism, where the musicians simply took the dropped tunings, distortion and aggression of metal/extreme music and used them as raw materials for their own unusual and occasionally unexpected constructs...”
Eden Tepedelen DECIBEL

"... hazy, enveloping atmosphere... thunderously filthy affairs." Jeff Pizek Chicago Daily Herald

" moves from sludge rock to an everything-is-melting psychedelic interlude and then into a vocal part (that sounds) like a gang of... (read more)

formed as a duo in 2005, several line up changes, and finally this...

“... an extra dose of brutal bowel-massaging bottom end."
Monica Kendrick Chicago Reader


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