Dia De Los Muertos - Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos

Saul Hernández

Saúl Hernández
Songwritter, Bass Player, Guitarrist, Singer
“La Memoria de los Sentidos, Canciones y Caminos”
Saúl Hernández creates music that reflects the present and is rooted in
the most telluric past. Performed live, his music is more than a concert:
it is a ritual.
As a composer, he has erased geographic and generational boundaries.
His songs are part of the soundtrack to the lives of millions of people in
Mexico, Latin America, and the United States. People make his songs
their own, turning his compositions into shared hymns. His allies (fans),
who span several generations, share ideology, dreams, passions.
In April 2012 Saúl began a very unique tour, "The Memory of the
Senses: Songs and Roads.” "The idea was to revisit my career as a
composer. I had received many requests to explain what I meant by this
song or why I wrote that one. We are approaching the songs from the
perspective of the composer, something more intimate. It's like coming
home and traveling through familiar roads. I'm playing songs from 1987
to 2011. These venues are giving me the opportunity to be closer to
people. I am a musician who wants to share part of his life,” he explains
regarding the tour.
The tour now continues, a homecoming to those intimate halls and
cultural venues that have marked his professional and personal life.
These are energetic and passionate concerts. A "magical mystery tour”
through the music, as he describes it and as evidenced by the powerful
and emotional concerts in Sala Nezahuacóyotl, el Museo del Chopo, el
Centro de las artes del Parque Fundidora en Monterrey, Puebla, León,
Chicago, Nueva York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Anaheim.
The program “¡En contacto contigo!” (In touch with you!) sponsored by
the Cultural Department of UNAM (National Autonomous University of
Mexico) invited Saúl to share his music with students at eight schools
and faculties . It is an innovative and unprecedented campaign that seeks
to provide and guarantee students free access to diverse artistic fields
thus expanding their intellectual and personal development.
As part of this tour, an additional two concerts were held in one of Latin
America’s most iconic venues: La Sala Nezahualcoyotl renowned for its
incomparable acoustics and stunning architectural beauty, located on
the Mexico City campus. This is a venue that had, until then, been
reserved for a different cultural profile and with these concerts was
opened to the purest spirit of Rock and Roll-an unprecedented sum of
creative expressions to date.
The list of artists Saúl has collaborated with on recordings and tours
includes Morrissey, Stuart Copeland, Adrian Belew, Don Was, The
Rolling Stones, David Hidalgo (Los Lobos), Mark Isham, Billy Preston,
Flaco Jimenez, Los Tigres del Norte, Juan Gabriel, La Internacional
Sonora Santanera, Peter Gabriel, Live, Tow, Los Cenzontles, Red Hot
Chili Peppers, Mexican Institute of Sound, Camilo Lara, Angeles Azules
Pasatono Orchestra (Oaxaca) ... In 1997 he recorded with top Algerian
rai music artist: Cheb Khaleb on the Arabic/Spanish language duet
“Kounti Ki.”
In March 2009, English musician Peter Gabriel presented Saúl , on
behalf of Art for Amnesty, a recognition for his work in support of human
Sharing what life has tattooed on his soul; weaving the recollections of
the memories that have forged his songs, with the strength and passion of
one who has always shown that music can break borders, armed with
his notebook filled with emotions inspired by Jaime Sabines, Margarita
Michelena, David Bowie, John Lennon, Octavio Paz, Benito Taibo…. In
these shows, Saul takes us on a journey through his compositions in
Caifanes, Jaguares, and “Remando” his first solo album… songs that
have marked the lives of more than three generations.


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