Paul Maddison, Johnny Leitera (Tuff Sunshine), Dorine Levy, Ben Kogan Duo, Psycho Delia

Paul Maddison

I make music.

Johnny Leitera (Tuff Sunshine)

Dorine Levy

“The perfect tonic for a hangover offering delightful grooves and sweet melodies in equal measures” - SXSW - Cougar Microbes

“Best described as dance pop with an edge” -SXSW - Sweet Tea Pumkin Pie

Dorine Levy was a typical teenager living in Montreal, Canada when her parents decided to up roots and relocate to Tel Aviv. Suddenly she found herself far from the city and friends she had grown up and, crucially, an older brother who had been responsible for sharing his epic record collection with her.

Separated from the things she was most attached to Dorine looked for an outlet in her music recording bedroom compositions yet remaining too shy to perform them to anyone. Following the completion of her compulsory military service Dorine enrolled at fashion school where her professors remarked that her pieces constantly focussed around music. Faced with this inescapable truth she chose to enroll in a music school where fate would have her meet future husband and musical collaborator Eitan.

Her first single release was called “La Mort” was the lead track from the 'Nine Beach' compilation that achieved good sales. Her 2008 debut EP soon followed with the track "Falling Star" being selected by local radio for airplay as well as as part of the marketing campaign for a leading European clothes chain. In turn Dorine was selected in the top 5 International acts at the Music Oz Awards (MTV Australia)

Next up Dorine assembled a live band and toured all over Israel perfecting her live set and fine tuning her music. Glorious performances at Indie Week Canada as well as SXSW 2013 are only the start as she prepares to take her live show further afield.
This summer Dorine released her video “There For Me”, the first release from the upcoming debut 'Underwater' which is due in October. The Video got thousands of views just in few days and entered Mtv's and Tom Robinson's (BBC 6) playlists.
The album will feature 12 tracks written and produced by Dorine herself.

Ben Kogan Duo

Soulgrass. Like bluegrass but with soul in the front.

Psycho Delia

Acoustic/Solo performance by PSYCHO DELIA


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