Mike Mictlan (of DOOMTREE)

Mike Mictlan (of DOOMTREE)

Mike Mictlan is a native to Southern California and a current proud resident of South Minneapolis. His style has roots in both scenes. In his delivery, he’s a rapper’s rapper and a technician. He can stick fast stuccato runs, flip a pattern, and freestyle long after everyone else has gone to bed. But he’s also a writer who doesn’t shy from big themes and personal narrative.

Mike met the founding members of Doomtree during his junior year in high school. In response to his deliquent streak, Mike’s parents had sent him from their L.A. home to live with his uncle in Minnesota. (No, the Fresh Prince storyline is not lost on us, please save your letters.) Living with his uncle and attending Hopkins High, he met P.O.S, Lazerbeak, MK Larada, and Paper Tiger. Although Mictlan soon returned to L.A., the Doomtree family tree had taken root. As the collective gained momentum in Minneapolis, Mictlan received more and more phone calls urging him to move to the Midwest. Five years later, he got off a plane with 2 duffel bags and a footlocker, ready to go wherever Doomtree was headed. In his debut collaboration with Lazerbeak, Hand Over Fist, Mictlan employed his understated poetry to epic effect. The album goes by in a pageant of imagery: of fire and flight, long odds and close calls.

A lot has changed in the four years since Mike Mictlan released Hand Over Fist, his first full-length album in collaboration with Lazerbeak. He’s played a key role in helping Doomtree, his rap crew for over a decade now, steadily climb into the national spotlight; touring the world over again and again, playing major summer festivals (Lollapalooza, Paid Dues), and winning over critics the likes of Pitchfork, MTV, Spin, and Rolling Stone off of their collaborative 2011 release No Kings.

SNAXXX is the culmination of those four years grinding it out on the road, and it marks a giant leap forward from Mike’s previous solo work. His million-mile-a-minute delivery, tongue twister patterns, and abstract introspection remain completely intact, but there is a much more playful, ambitiously creative side that now creeps heavily into the mix. Musically, SNAXXX takes the traditional everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink Doomtree sound and blows the doors off the hinges. New comer 2% Muck (Tha Clerb, Spyder Baybie Raw Dog) produces 11 of the 15 tracks, and it’s his rapid fire snare patterns, crushing low end, and blown out synth lines that anchor and shape this new sonic direction for Mike. SNAXXX also features a slew of Minnesota’s finest up and coming rappers (Lizzo, Greg Grease, Spyder Baybie Raw Dog, Freez) along with lifelong Doomtree partner-in-crime P.O.S, who shows up on two of the album’s cuts.

Doomtree released SNAXXX for free in the fall of 2012 while Mike wraps up his next official full length, HELLA FRREAL in order to give people a taste of where he’s at now and where he’s headed. With mainstream appeal, surgical precision, and unshakable crew love, Mike Mictlan is an unparalleled force in the underground. His live show is a spectacle of sweat and laughter and fury and communion. You could search every venue in every city, but you will not find an emcee in rap music with more heart than Mike Mictlan. No hype, just a simple guarantee. He believes in the music, the movement, and in his crew of friends. To see him in person, and to hear his voice, makes it hard not to believe it too.

Reason The Citizen

Richard John Martinelli, known musically by his stage name Reason the Citizen, is a southern California born and bred emcee known for his sharp double-time delivery and satyrical live performances. His non-traditional approach to performing stems from award winning experiences in high school speech tournaments as a youth, culminating in a stage show that combines his quick tongued rapping with witty comedic insight about modern life and music. His efforts to make his live appearances unique from the "standard rap show" has lead to a diverse and ever growing fan base.

Reason the Citizen is a student of hip-hop. After more than a decade of being an emcee, he has personally experienced almost every facet of rap culture, advancing from freestyle street cyphers and battles, to performing live for hundreds of fans throughout the country. He has also used this experience to connect with other notable artists, which has helped him establish notoriety among the independent hip-hop community.

In 2006, he released "Survival Plus", which would represent his first official solo efforts as a young emcee. This album would go on to help position Reason the Citizen as an official artist for Denver based indy collective Fameless Entertainment, who were largely responsible for his second album "Broke For Free" in 2009. This release, a fan favorite, would help him tour across the country and even earned him performance opportunities at the famed SXSW festival in Austin, TX. Shortly afterwards in 2010, he released World Hunger Volume One, a mixtape consisting of 19 free tracks.

Since his last release, Reason the Citizen has been quietly preparing for a series of new projects to be unleashed in 2013 to an eager and awaiting fan base. Although tentatively these releases remain untitled and information about them is closely guarded, they are certain to catapult his name into world wide recognition. With the recent success's of Fameless Entertainment label-mates Input, Broken and Caleb Slade, Reason the Citizen is sure to follow closely behind, adding a unique flavor to the collectives already diverse roster. Although the true potential of his music has yet to blossom, Reason the Citizen is guaranteed to to captivate audiences for years to come.

Ecid, mc/producer & fill in the breaks poster child is one of those rare artists that can rap, write, & produce in an arguably equal fashion. As a writer/mc Ecid crafts thoughtful, visual, honest, Heart over mind songs. As a producer he is the definition of a record digger. His sample based/drum heavy beat-scapes can be colorful, abrasive, grungy, simple, beyond bizzy, soulful, sparse & or dark. As a fearless leader Ecid is aimed at building "Fill In The Breaks" into one of the premiere indie-hiphop labels in North America, all while leaving America as paranoid & afraid of themselves as ever.

"Biograffiti" was Ecid's coming of age record, a personal glimpse at a twenty something just trying to figure it all out. "Economy Size goDD Costume" was his f--- you record, an awe-inspiring, jaw dropping, honest to goodness middle finger in the face of society's time tested cliché's. And "Red Beretta" his third official solo album is the career-defining album that people five years from now will associate him with.

Known for his intense, personable, & insanely energetic live shows. Ecid has shared stages with the likes of KRS-ONE, Eyedea (E&A), Awol One (Shapeshifters), Sole of Anticon, OMD, 2MEX, QWEL of Typical Cats, Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Blueprint, Glue, Hanger 18, Heiruspecs, POS, Sims, Cecil Otter, RA The Rugged Man, Killah Priest, Grayskul, Blowfly, & Count Bass D to name a few.

His new album Red Beretta, which is a "concept" album based on the bizarre events that turn a modern day hero into a monster is in heavy rotation on college radio stations across the US and has received praise from fans, peers & press alike. So check it out. Or else!

"Ecid is playing some really cool audio games with the samples he uses, and some of the production techniques help pull the listener in and keep them there. It's not only a rapper's album, but it's for the production heads too, who will be smiling at the known sounds and scratching their heads at the unknown ones for days, if not months or years."- OKAYPLAYER.COM

Denver Hip Hop!

Sean Anonymous

From humble beginnings at house parties to touring the country and climbing the independent charts, Minneapolis rapper Sean Anonymous has taken his passion for music and ran with it. Rooted in the art of freestyle rapping, his style makes a conscious effort to create fun, energetic music with a message, ideal for both headphones and the dance floor. While still a member of the acclaimed groups Wide Eyes and Bottom Feeders, his 2012 solo debut Anonymo displayed his full range of talent, quickly gaining attention from college radio and hip-hop fans nationwide. It rose to #6 on the CMJ charts and remained there for twelve straight weeks, leading to a highlight slot on the 2012's CMJ Music Marathon in New York. Since then, a spot on Warped Tour, gracing Minneapolis' famed First Ave, and opening for Macklemore at SXSW have all become new notches on Sean's belt. He's achieved everything from a strictly DIY standpoint, building success off pure passion, drive, and raw ability.

"I knew music was my passion for a long time," Sean says, recalling feverishly buying up any hip-hop album he could get his hands on while in 6th grade. Having always played music to some extent, from singing in a choir to playing assorted instruments, freestyle rapping with his friends on the school bus began to spark a certain flame within. While his early favorites like Tupac and Ludacris built a foundation of fandom, discovering local Minneasota rappers like Eyedea and Heiruspecs became the turning point from fan to artist. After transitioning to an alternative high school in 11th grade, he gravitated to like minds Tony Phantom and Dimitry Killstorm, known in the school for making and recording their own hip-hop. Freestyling together became more serious, and eventually led to an invitation to join their group Wide Eyes. Over the course of four days in 2005, they recorded the Seasons EP, which wound up in the hands of Big Zach from Kanser, who saw the spirit behind the rough edges and began to help them get gigs around town. As albums continued to be released - from 2007's Situation, 2008's Inside, 2009's full-length Hands Tied, and 2011's Follow Through - Wide Eyes have continued to build a fanbase and have cemented themselves as a name to know in Twin Cities hip-hop.

"It's really fun being in a group; I like bouncing ideas off each other, people always have different perspectives on where to take a song. But there's a lot of pressure to do certain things, or you have to pressure people to get things done, it's a lot of people's schedules," says Sean of working with his crew. "I've always liked the group mentality, it's a fun way to work. But through the years, I've kind of been taking the solo stuff more serious, it's a little more fast-paced." Originally thinking his first solo venture would involve Wide Eyes producers, Sean instead opted to work with Cincinnati's DJ Corbett - known for producing multiple tracks with Saigon as well as tracks with Bun B and Royce Da 5'9 - to prove he could do something independently from his group. Endless nights in the studio led to the beginnings of what would become Anonymo. "If he was taking the time to work with me, then he believed in the music that we made, probably even more so than I did." Some songs were two years in the making, while some were more spontaneous, but the project came together to a cohesive whole. Features from Abstract Rude and Blueprint on "No B.S." drew some looks from uninitiated rap fans, and the eventual release surpassed initial expectations. Highlighted by CMJ, Bandcamp, and CD Baby, the album set forth Sean Anonymous' business infrastructure to begin his career as a successful musician. A nearly sold-out two night CD release show in Minneapolis in July of 2012, featuring separate shows with a live band backing one night and DJs another, Sean Anonymous officially made his stamp on the local Minneapolis scene and beyond.


Flowalition has been together since 1996. Marz & Briz met while in High School and have been recording music together ever since. Flowalition has opened for such acts as Nas, Immortal Technique, Gza & R.A. the Rugged Man to name a few. Their sound is very dark with complicated rhymes and song structure. Their debut album "13 Days" was released July 10th 2007. Flowalition has worked with many producers over the years but finally found the production they were looking for from Grafik, from Proximity & JoBu.

Brizill – Rhyming since 8th grade, has opened for Nas, Immortal Technique , GZA, RA the Rugged Man, Flava Flav from Public Enemy, the Pharcyde, and many others. Brizill hit the scene with Flowalition and released the album "13 Days" in 2007.

Kruza Kid

Staying true to the mile high state of mind, Kruza Kid delivers a fresh new flavor to the burgeoning hip-hop movement that is taking over the country. Seamlessly integrating his personal beats with his gritty, tell-it-like-it-is vocals, producer/emcee Kruza Kid, known by those close to him as Zach Karuzas, has rewritten the equation for merging several musical genres into one thumping package. Kruza Kid's energy is the culmination of influences in rap, reggae, dub, jazz, and a dusting of EDM, giving his performance an eclectic flavor in a world full of bland generics. Once the microphone is picked up, prepare yourself for a raw and intimate experience that offers a glimpse into the lifestyle of someone who truly appreciates music in all forms, and wants nothing more than to share that lifestyle with you. Inspired by so many, my boundaries are limitless.

Epoch When

Emcee/Producer out of Colorado

Born in Greeley, Colorado, Koutsoukos briefly moved to Los Angeles to pursue a scholarship he received from Icon Collective music production school. While his initial interests revolved mainly around house and dubstep, he had also been writing lyrics and soon moved more toward hip-hop. Citing an eclectic range of influences from Aesop Rock and Eyedea lyrically to Glitch Mob and Massive Attack in terms of production, Epoch exhibits a cross-genre appeal while staying firmly within the lyrical tradition.

But while his lyricism is impressive, it may be the production that is most striking. The sound combines DJ Shadow's futurism with El-P's dark industrialism with a twinge of Daft Punk electronica. The result is something truly unique; danceable, yet emotive and inspiring. This is even more remarkable considering that Epoch produced the entire album himself. From Epoch's recently released debut, we were particularly impressed with two tracks, "Mind My Mind" and "Dark Side," so we sat down with Epoch When and asked him about his thinking and inspiration while making these tracks.

Furbie Cakes

Chris Reano has been a music addict since a very young age. He is a true artist in every sense of the word. He plays the guitar, drums, piano, and turntables. He does graff, draws, and paints. This surplus in creativity is clearly evident in the uniqueness and spontaneity of his music. Support local music and lets put CO on the map even more!
Furbie Cakes is the musical moniker of Chris Reano. The eclectic 23 track debut album "Keep it Simple Stupid" is hip hop at heart, but truly more of an amalgamation of hip hop, electronic, jazz, classic rock, funk, and even classical. These different styles of music are blended together seamlessly to create a next level, fresh sound. The motif of the album is to keep the layers to a minimum to highlight the intricate drum patterns. Turn it up loud and enjoy! Don't sleep on this fire.

Jonny B Seagull

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Always have had a deep sentiment for deep lyrics in songs. As far as I can remember I've always been able to feel what an artist is going through from the words they use. I love how someone can take words and make you think about life or just feel really great and ready to party! Graduated from North High School in 2003. Played the saxophone for nine years. Got into hip hop when I was about 14, became obsessed with figures like Tupac, Eminem and groups like Bone Thugz N Harmony. My childhood friends would print out lyrics from Tupac or Bone and we would practice different verses on songs. This grew into a habit which I took further than anyone else. I remember weekends when I would lock myself in a room and practice a verse until I had it mastered flawlessly. It was just something to do, a small challenge for myself. It wasn't until I was about 21 that I ever decided to do something serious with it. For 6 years I have been writing in my lyric notebooks like journals, preparing material. Now, I'm ready to release four mixtapes over the next year in preparation for my first professional album. I really like the feeling I get when I can look into someone's eyes and see that I've touched them with my words. It's the best gift I can think to give to the world that has raised me. I've had to learn difficult lessons but in comparison to the rest of humanity my life is pretty easy going. I do care a great deal about the happiness of humanity - my songs are a small contribution to it. Enjoy the small things - I'm Jonny B Seagull and I'm representing the brand name "Broke But Dope" - live it up - pass it on!

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