Mondo Deco

Mondo Deco

Named after a throwaway lyric line from an obscure 70s glitter rock gem, Mondo Deco relishes in the grandiose, both visually and sonically. Whether it's the extra out-of-the-box chord to make the chorus pop, or that added touch of color coordination onstage to go with the foot-stomping and sweat, the band is constantly looking for new ways to differentiate themselves from the sea of young bands doomed to the "retro rock" label. This is not to suggest they are a band "all dressed up with nowhere to go." To the contrary, the Sacramento-based quartet has been steadily building a loyal following through consistently energetic live performances of songs that will demand real estate in your head long after the show.

"Pleasurefaith" is Mondo Deco's full-length debut, the first chance to bring the show home with you. In the span of twelve tracks, one hears hints of T. Rex, Supergrass, and Richard Hell, with a fair bit of modern garage rock vigor thrown in. What one doesn't hear is much in the way of overdubs. That's because a good chunk of the album was recorded live with everyone in the same room. Even subsequent vocal harmonies were recorded with multiple members surrounding a microphone or two to capture the band's personality. J. William Green sings and screams through most of the album while delivering biting lead and rhythm guitar, Kolton James takes the mic on a few numbers and provides greasy slabs of arena-blues soloing throughout, Steve Robinson pounds the bass with authority and finesse and sings backups, and Billy Ewing attacks the drums as if they said something nasty about his mother. Each one pulls the band in a slighty different direction, but the result is a loose but muscular forward momentum that's hard to stop.

With the new disc in their back pocket, the band is currently finalizing plans to hit the road while generating new material for a potential EP or series of singles. But whatever they do in the future, you can be sure this band will do it loudly and with style.

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Delta City Ramblers

Delta City Ramblers have been known to hustle on the streets of Sacramento to get heard, and have been constantly playing all over in the Sacramento Bar scene, at well known establishments such as the Torch Club, Fox and Goose, and Marilyn's on K. DCR has been steadily gaining momentum in Sacramento with their three part harmonies, and interesting songwriting that push the strict rigor of roots music into something that is their own.



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