Avoid incorporated, Good People, Creature Kit, Makeshift Uprising

Avoid incorporated

Starting earlier this year, Avoid Incorporated is a solo electronic music project run by Rob Wickline. Often sounding heavily progressive and jazz fusion influenced, the driving force for the creativity and inspiration is the belief that electronic music has much more potential than a large majority of both audience members and artists foresee in it. Rob Wickline is currently studying music composition at The University Of The Arts and has had his views toward music composition reformed by the influences of his peers, private teachers, and his experiences as a free jazz guitarist time and time again. With his art, he aims to challenge conventional composition techniques associated with electronic music; in particular, the harmonic and rhythmic identity of the "wobble bass" often found in dubstep. Overall, the sound of Avoid Incorporated could be labelled as through composed, meaning the music is less of a song, and more comparable to the storyline of an impressionistic adventure

Good People

We are Good People.

Formed in Philadelphia in September 2009, and driven by their passion for music, Good People immediately clicked as a solid band. Practicing from place to place, Good People has written several original pieces and have covered few as well. Within the first month they booked their opening gig at a local venue of SJU. With their name out there they took a step foward and recorded a first single, Departed. Driven by pumping bass, psychadelic rock guitar, and first hand experiences, it deems to catch your attention. Soon enough we participated in Battle of the Bands and won the title. They are currently in the studio and will have more upcoming music soon.

Creature Kit

Alternative indie rock from Philadelphia

Makeshift Uprising

Delco based rock/alternative band.

$7.00 - $9.00


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