Coral Thief

Coral Thief

Coming out of Denver Colorado and composed of Rocky Mountain music veterans, Coral Thief is an original 5 piece, Denver based Reggae/Rock/Hip-Hop band. Driving rhythms and melodious guitar lines combined with smooth vocals and flows give Coral Thief a unique sonic style. Their live show is upbeat, fun and energy filled and they are always looking to please a crowd and leave them wanting more.

Coral Thief has shared the stage with several national acts such as: Collie Buddz and New Kingston, The Supervillans, Mike Pinto, Fortunate Youth, Seedless, Jon Wayne and the Pain, General Smiley w/ Mcpullish, Fayuca, and Mystic Roots

Vices I Admire

Vices I Admire is an alternative/indie rock band dedicated to writing honest and passionate music.

Dave Curtis, Mickey Dollar and Mark Towne met in 2002 while studying at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. During that time they balanced college-life with rehearsals, performances, a few DIY regional tours and the release of their first album, Plan B. (recorded at The Blasting Room, 2005).

In 2007 Vices I Admire relocated to Denver and parted ways with original bassist, Robert Marston. The band continued to write new material and develop as musicians while they searched for Rob's replacement.

8 months and 21 candidates later, Vices I Admire welcomed Daniel Battenhouse onto the team. The addition of Battenhouse revitalized the group and together they worked around the clock to produce the material that would engender their new album, The Politics of Apathy.

The Politics of Apathy was recorded at Colorado Sound Studios in May/June of 2009. JP Manza (engineer) and Ian Pinder (producer) provided the necessary direction and perspective to best capture the particular mood and style of each song: from the dance-pop inspired, "Sweetest Girl", to the anthemic head-banger, "Kiss Kiss", The Politics of Apathy showcases the musical maturation and diverse talent of Vices I Admire.

With a release date slated for January of 2010, The Politics of Apathy is a long overdue snapshot of the music and lives of Vices I Admire. Keep your eyes on this spot for updates, news and more.

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us here on Facebook or at band AT anytime. No request is too small.

Attic Attack

An Attic Attack is when an entity attempts to supplant your mind. This Alt/Indie Band is here to Defend individual Mentality from Attic Attacks. Electric Mandolin, Musing Lyrics, Dynamic Rhythm and Vocal Angst join forces to create impressive thought rock. New EP - "Cloud Clarity & the Color Red"!

Singer-songwriter Donny D Rose has been performing in Denver since 2006. While opening for bands, playing at coffee shops, and powering through his share of open mic nights, he looked for opportunities to extend his vision.

In 2009 Rose found Coupe Mikel and they released an EP under the Americana project MY Shadows Existence. After the wavering cast of MYSE dispersed for good. Rose and Mikel were left as a duo. While continuing to look for the right mix of musicians, the two performed as members of the Alan Andrews, Jr. (The Photo Atlas) acoustic side project Serious Moonlight.

By Summer of 2011 Attic Attack was born! Their sound brings the unique tone of an electric mandolin on some sort of mood altering chemicals, warm electric rhythm guitar, and a dynamic rhythm section to complement Rose's crafty songwriting and impassioned vocals.

Midwest Rebellion

Born out of the Midwest, the Rebellion has roots in Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois. Blending a sound and a groove that'll shake yo money maker, Midwest Rebellion is gonna make you move. Catchy Songs and solid grooves with pure TNT. Give us a listen!

$7.00 - $10.00


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