Wilmo Rock Circus

Wilmo Rock Circus

Step right up! Gable Music Ventures, in association with Planet Ten and World Cafe Live, presents the third annual Wilmo Rock Circus on Saturday, November 30th. Once again, there will three stages, and over 20 of the region’s best local and original musicians, artists and freaks throughout the building!

Big Skull

In October of 2011, Oya, Betty, and Nate, met on a spaceship after being abducted by extra terrestrials from a small star system close to the North star, which they are not permitted to name. The three were politely advised to start a ska band, which will unexplainably protect the waters of Earth from transforming into methane, which would of course, cause all human life on our planet to decay. To this day, the members of Big Skull don't understand how upbeat dance music keeps water water, but... hey, whatever works, right? Before dropping the trio off at the Bellefonte Cafe, just north of Wilmington, DE (they lived in San Francisco just a few hours before), one of the ETs handed the band a detached, dry, bone skull of one of his own people and said, in a latin american accent, "use this as your band logo." They were gently dropped to the porch of the cafe, where they watched the ship rise into the sky, and disappear silently. It was fuckin' awesome.

The Bullets

“Red hot rockabilly for over 30 yrs!”

Formed in 1981, the Bullets have been making original rockabilly music for over 30 years. The line up consists of the band’s founder Michael “Kid” Davis-Lead Guitar/Vocals, Bobby “J.R.” Bloomingdale-Upright Bass/Vocals, Walter Epting-Drums/Vocals. Based in Wilmington, DE the trio plays the East Coast extensively and have enjoyed their Thursday gig at The Blue Parrot in the Little Italy section of Wilmington for 8 years running!

In addition to the band’s original material, they are known for rousing renditions of age-old favorites as well as the unexpected and inspired treatment of other musical genres. Americana, Bluegrass, Roots, and Folk music influence the band’s overall sound and their favorite artists include: Los Lobos, Gene Vincent, Richard Thompson, Elvis, The Blasters, The Cramps, and Johnny Cash...just to name a few.

The Bullets have shared the stage with impressive talents like: Brian Setzer, David Bromberg, Dick Dale, Robert Gordon and Johnny Winters.

The band released its sixth CD entitled: “Let’s See Where This Goes” in 2008. You can follow them on facebook at Thebullets Rockabilly@facebook.com.

Glim Dropper

A shaggy-haired loquacious timekeeping genius, an angry wise man with a bass and a voice like an angel, some disjointed unified theory, hot tube amps, cool blue cable, more fuzz than strictly necessary, seven imaginary back-up singers in white go-go boots and an adequate electrical supply. All of this resulted in the forward-thinking retro rock called Glim Dropper.

The Great SOCIO

The Great SOCIO is the premier Guitar-less Rock 'n' Roll band from Philadelphia, PA. Formed in 2010, TGS layers infectious synth lines with crushing bass rhythms to provide a truly original live music experience. What really sets them apart: A dedicated trumpet-wielding frontman with a raw passion for entertaining and wooing every crowd. This bold characteristic parallels their influences: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Doors, Rage Against the Machine, Madonna, Queen, Tool, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, and The Mars Volta.
With a growing reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the scene, The Great SOCIO questions tradition and beckons its listener to rethink everything they know about Rock 'n' Roll Music. Lyrics about life, love and paranoia meet four keyboards of perfect sound. Monster-huge bass lines and a trumpet-wielding frontman bring together a brave new look into the heart of rock music.

The Late Saints

Led by Italian-born vocalist, guitarist, and kazoo virtuoso Jacopo de Nicola, bassist Mike Huff and drummer Micah Hebbel, The Late Saints bring on stage their genre-bending Italian Gypsy Rock. Expanding on the tradition of the Italian Cantautori, empowered by frenetic rhythms a la Manu Chao and Gogal Bordello, this Philadelphia based trio takes the audience on a journey across Balkan influenced two-steps, Latin American Tropicalia, and poignant protest songs. They will be joined by cello virtuoso Sheila Hershey. Ciao !

The New Americans

Pop indie rock five piece band from Wilmington, Delaware.

Noelle Picara

“Picara is able to masterfully mesh beauty with death” – Andre Lamar, Hockessin Community News

Hard Rock Piano. Tori Amos and Amanda Palmer in a horror movie. “Out of the ash / I rise with my red hair / and eat men like air.”

Music for thinking, feeling creatures who want to stare in the face the things that make most people look away. For button pushers, lovers of mythology, feminists, humanists, and seekers of light in the darkness.

Noelle Picara is a rock pianist, singer/songwriter, and CSA survivor from Wilmington, Delaware. She performs locally at venues such as WXPN’s World Cafe Live, The Legendary Dobbs, the Chris White Gallery, Film Brothers Co-Op, and at events such as the Ladybug Festival, Millienium Music, and Cape May’s Singer-Songwriter conference. She is currently promoting her new album, “My Own Frankenstein,” recorded at Seventh Wave Studios, featuring Brian Viglione on drums (Dresden Dolls, Violent Femmes). In 2014 she performed Tori Amos’ entire Little Earthquakes album as a benefit concert for SOAR (survivors of abuse in recovery).

In her other lives, Noelle has studied classical music, creative writing at the Kerouac School, lived in Germany for 7 years as an Air Force spouse, and taught thousands of students in the areas of music, theater, writing, and dance. She probably takes herself way too seriously. To make her laugh, please send her pictures of little children wearing mustaches.

Old Baltimore Speedway

Breaking down the stereotypical ideals of classic rock and outlaw country, Old Baltimore Speedway has created genuine, handmade, honest music. Music that brings their fans back to the classics they grew up with, but also instills the excitement of the new modern age of rock. Formed two years ago the band is hardly new to the music scene. The members Adam Beck, Mike Gilley, Clinton Hoffman and Charles Green, have been a part of the music scene for years with other bands, which ultimately has influenced the sound that is Old Baltimore Speedway. OBS has already released an EP, and they’re working on their new album, due to be released in early November.

With a small history, but large sound, Old Baltimore Speedway has captured a solid foundation of fans across the region. Expanding their musical instrumentation, and pushing the limits of their sound, OBS is raising the bar on good ol’, down and dirty rock ‘n’ roll.

Stereo Box

Stereo Box is a dynamic progressive/Jam band from Wilmington Delaware. Formed through long standing musical relationships and personal friendships with-in all the members of the band , this group is pushing the boundries of improvisation and changing the perception of how live music should be perceived in the future. Coupled with straight forward Rock & Roll. Their unique blend of well written and intricate song list that is infused with mind blowing improvisation, sets them apart as one of the most unique, highly talented, and fastest growing groups on the music scene today. Along with the music the band also provides the listener with a visual media to enhance their live show experience.

Universal Funk Order

What’s better than enjoying funky live music with friends the night before Thanksgiving? How about we make it free for all to attend? Sounds good to us!

Universal Funk Order is 100%, straight no chaser, hot, groovy, in your face, this-is-what-I'm-talking-about, all original, FUNK. The 7 piece band, hailing from Newark, Delaware, takes the perfect mix of sounds from all sides of the spectrum, twists it with originality and spunk, and personally delivers the product to you, the people. This is the fresh, revived sound of 21st century funk, folks.


Philadelphia Beta Hi Fi winners of 2014, WaveRadio returns to the Queen for their only summer show in the area. The band plans to release new material for the first time since their 2012 debut LP along with a sneak preview of drummer, Chris Cotter's documentary, "Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus." Come and experience WaveRadio and leave with new music from one of the most exciting rock bands in the tristate area.

“…The indie rock trio (WaveRadio) took first place at last year’s Beta Hi Fi competition at World Cafe Live thanks their full, cinematic style…”–Julie Miller WXPN The Key 1/30/2015 Full Article: Tonight’s Concert Picks…

“WaveRadio took the stage first, and immediately established themselves as the act to beat. The West Chester band has an impressively full sound for only being a three-piece – James McGlaughlin plays a pair of keyboards in the Ray Manzarek style, where the left hand carries the high lead melodies and the right hand runs the baseline…Considerably better were their originals, which incorporated some of that Doors-y sense of wandering psychedelia but was probably more in line with the buoyant pop of Jukebox the Ghost and the cinematic anthems of fun. Colin McGetrick has a dynamic voice; Chris Cotter’s drumming is uptempo and on point.” –John Vettese, WXPN the Key 8/25/2014, Full Article: WaveRadio, RFA take Top Honors at Beta Hi Fi Philly

“Undoubtedly the next big thing out of Philly… Sweeping atmospheric melodies, deep soul searing lyrics and without a doubt the tightest, most epic sound from a three piece band since U2.” – Kevin McQuiston, WCHE Radio

“It’s (WaveRadio, by WaveRadio) memories in melodies that roll like roadside hills. Songs are shadowy, tinged with grey but able to punch through powerfully. It’s raw rock that’s been polished with a cloth dipped in motor oil.” –Nikki Volpicelli, Philadelphia Area Music Showcase



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