GRV (Green River Vibe)

GRV (Green River Vibe)

Green River Vibe assembled through the collaboration between Ted Kleist and Alex Mackenzie-Low. Ted Kleist took his so-cal roots from San Diego, California, and fused them with the spontaneous and passionate lyrical/musical compositions of vocalist/guitarist, Alex Mackenzie-Low.
The duo immediately found power in their collaborative songwriting skills, constantly feeding off of their education in music business, production, and performance at the University of Colorado Denver. They proceeded in a series of drum and bass searching, aiming to find the perfect accompaniment for the band, ultimately finding Mic Wolfer and Chris Cook.
Mic synergized his reggae-rock drum feels, while the minnesotan raised bassist, Chris, lended his Minnesotan smooth yet defined baselines. The group instantly found themselves making great music, and continued
expanding this sound with their constant desire to "cut the edge" by throwing in elements of hip hop, electronica, ballad, and dub. It was at this point that G.R.V. (Green River Vibe) began playing around at local venues, consistently engaging in new opportunities, and spreading the vibe to a whole new breed of listeners.

The Pamlico Sound

The Pamlico Sound, a funk/soul/psychedelic band from Boulder CO, first appeared in September 2010. In a short time they have created a huge local buzz, becoming known as “Boulder’s premier party band” (The Marquee, April 2011) and playing clubs across Colorado’s Front Range. The group displays fierce mastery of the funk and soul genres, dizzying musicianship, and above all a sense of fun and freedom which feeds their audiences’ desire to cut loose and dance.

In their first year, the band performed at Denver's Bluebird Theater, 5 times at Boulder’s Fox Theatre, and at a string of monthly house parties which have become notorious. In 2012, TPS have played the Boulder Theater, Denver's Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom and Oriental Theater, and will be at fave venues and festivals all through the coming seasons and beyond. And at that party. Or is it that other party. Oh, maybe at both.

THE BAND: Will Baumgartner – Vocals, Soprano Sax, Flute, Harmonica. Jimmy G – Guitar, Vocals. Lauren Bacon – Vocals. Alex Vouri – Bass. Jeromey Balderrama – Drums. Paul Stadler – Tenor Sax. Matt Planet -- Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Percussion, Vocals.

Dorian Vibe

Dorian Vibe is an eclectic rock jamband out of Denver, Colorado. All four members are seasoned musicians with varying degrees of musical education. Together, they incorporate dance rhythms with strong rock roots to create an organic jam-style infusion of sound.

Dorian Vibe is an intense dance-rock jamband. Through a strong repertoire of original songs and choice covers, they infuse infectious dance grooves with rock roots to create a new twist on old school jamming.

Dorian Vibe is one of the regions tightest and most compelling groups in the burgeoning Colorado Jam scene. Carving their own path between improvisational rock and radio-friendly originals, they perform with an intensity that aims to get everyone out of their seats. Their two years together has been very successful and they have developed a solid reputation across the state having performed in Winter Park (Ullrs), Steamboat Springs (Old Town Pub), Breckenridge (Three20 South), Salida (The Vic), and Evergreen (Cactus Jack's) as well as dozens of shows in the Denver Metro area (Oriental Theater, Cervantes, Quixotes, and Pete's Monkey Bar). Dorian Vibe has also shared the stage with national acts in the Jam scene such as The Big Wu, Kinetix, members of Dark Star Orchestra, and EP3 in addition to up-and-coming local acts James and the Devil, Ground Up, Jet Edison, and members of Trichome.

Dorian Vibe's strength lies in their ability to get the crowd on the dance floor with groovin' originals and choice covers by artists such as the Talking Heads, Yes, The Band, and the Grateful Dead as well as newer artists like Beck, Ween, and Yonder Mountain String Band. Consisting of guitar, bass, keys, and drums, Dorian Vibe's members support each other on stage to achieve their ambitious 'without-a-net' shows. The grooves, the solos, the vocal harmonies – they're all there along with a happening light show.

With the drive and determination to prove their worth in this jamband heavy region, Dorian Vibe is striving to push their musical boundaries to a level beyond the rest!

Travers Brothership

Founded by the two brothers; the Travers Brothership began with a shared intense love for playing and writing music. Eric and Kyle Travers started to learn music together at age 7. At age 12 they began performing before audiences, assisted by their Father and musician Robert Travers (also known as Hurricane Bob). The Brothers formed an alternative rock, funk, and blues quartet, the Travers Brothers Band in 2006. They proceeded to perform in Asheville and the rest of the southeast.

Following the release of their debut album "TBB" the Brothers began work to satisfy their lust for the big band sound of artists like James Brown, Galactic, Allman Brothers, The Grateful Dead, and Albert Collins. The Brothers envisioned a classy show; not just a concert or a musical performance, but a themed show of epic proportions that relays a message to the audience.

Founding member of the Travers Brothers Band, Ian McIsaac, quickly signed up to play in the new project. Being a multi-instrumentalist and seasoned writer, Ian was happily received in the ranks of the band.

Brothership member Jacob Ables began picking away at his guitar at age 9. Jacob met the Travers Brothers at school in 2006, the group of young men soon discovered they shared a love for artists such as Jimi Hendrix and the Black Keys. They embarked on a quest of learning, jamming together constantly. When the idea for Travers Brothers Aboard the Brothership was conceived, Jacob was figured into the ranks as a key role. Jacob Ables brings much to the table with Eastern Hemisphere Progressive Rock, and American Jazz influences. He is an electrifying force to be reckoned with when his fingertips touch the fretboard.

While doing work on the Travers Brothers Band's self titled, debut album; the brothers discovered the River Rats, a band of young ambitious musicians, that shared a love for roots music. River Rats member, Jordan Miller went to school with the Travers Brothers Band. The Bassist naturally began to jam and flourish creatively alongside the Travers Brothers.

Alex Bradley (Trumpet) and Kyle Snuffer (Trombone) began playing music together in 6th grade and have not stopped since. They both enrolled in Mars Hill College together in 2011. Studying Jazz and music performance. Kyle and Alex met the Travers Brothers Band while playing with the River Rats and enjoyed the tight, complicated arrangements featured in the Travers Brothers Band's music. Their horn lines synced perfectly with the Travers Brother's musical vibrations during various sit in's and jams. The intense funky compositions included today could not be possible without their assistance.

The Travers Brothers proudly present saxaphonist Jamie "Blue Hands" Berlin as the most recent additon to the Brothership. A jack of all trades, Blue Hands has since came to define the very soul of the Brothership's soloist section. After a few jams with the Travers Brothers, Jamie couldn't help but want to add his own inflection on their unique sound.

At last all eight members gathered in August 2012, and the idea became a reality. The musicians all shared a goal of providing a show that is appealing to the eye; a show that is performed with originality and musicianship for the ear. A musical bond took place and the band grew together into a musical brotherhood. A family began all at once in August, the Travers Brothers boarded the Brothership and embarked. Since then their journey has been a massive success. "It is a matter of time ti'll the Travers Brothership becomes a household name, it's inevitable." - Tyler Cambell
(Music Critic Extraordinaire)

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