You can hear the freewheeling spirit of Eminem in Dev’s music today. She’s the feathery, rhythmic voice behind the platinum, worldwide # 1 smash, “Like a G6”. In March 2011 alone, Dev could be heard on a staggering three singles (“Like a G6,” “Bass Down Low,” “Backseat”) on Billboard’s Hot 100.
“A lot of people where I’m from don’t get opportunities like that,” says the singer, raised in Manteca, in Northern California’s Central Valley. On a fluke, when she was just shy of 19, Dev recorded a dis record about an ex-boyfriend over an Amy Winehouse instrumental. The Cataracs—then, a local hip hop duo—happened to be surfing their fans sites. The song caught their attention. “I sing really soft and weird,” Dev says, “but if you listened to what I was singing…I was talking a bunch of shit.”



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