Violent Dreams

Violent Dreams

Violent Dreams is a heavy rock band made up of guitarist/singer G. Register, and drummer T. Romero. Both musicians have previously toured and recorded extensively in rock bands, notably as frequent openers for Disturbed, production collaboration with Chris Manning (Metallica, Santana, Third Eye Blind) and Johnny K (Staind, Sevendust, Disturbed, 3 Doors Down). The band brings a lust for delivering showmanship, energy. The collaborative songwriting is based on a love for technical precision, heavy grooves and classical training which at best enables the sound to be powerful, melodic, moving and captivating with an emotional core.

Prypyat is the holy combination of Duncan Webster (Hammer No More the Fingers) and Leah Gibson (Lost in the Trees). Their music combines unforgettable melodies refined from Duncan's rock n' roll youth with the sweet dark-chocolately sounds of the cello to which Leah dedicated her classical music studies. Coming from what seems to be two divergent musical projects - the skilled pop rock of 'Hammer No More the Fingers' and the orchestral folk of 'Lost in the Trees' - the two create a full and refreshing sound - rich, absorbing melodies floating over the rhythmic fingerpicking of Duncan Webster. A little sun-shiney, a little moon-lighty, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes quirky, with a hint of darkness, Prypyat will make you feel like you've been swept up by a cloud and dropped off into some enchanted night-meadow.



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