Nightmares on Wax

Nightmares on Wax is an institution, albeit a delightfully different one. The man behind the moniker, George Evelyn, just keeps reinventing, not in a wilful Bowie way, but flowing along, going at whatever speed he fancies to wherever his ideas carry him. For the last seven years he’s lived in an Ibizan farmhouse and, while he’s Warp Records’ longest serving artist – “the granddaddy,” as he puts it – he overwhelmingly focuses on his current projects, letting them revitalize his music.

Perhaps best known in Europe for his ground-breaking ‘90s albums ‘Smokers Delight’ and ‘Carboot Soul’ – although in America the cinematic lo-funk of 2006’s ‘In A Space Outta Sound’ is better known – Evelyn’s pride and joy these days is his four year old underground party on the white island. Wax Da Jam at Las Dalias, Ibiza’s oldest nightclub, 50 this summer, has become a go-to haunt for locals, for promoters and insiders, the place where George explains, “Everyone turns up as individuals but everybody leaves as one.” Here he soundtracks a night of groove, experimentation, percussion and improvisation, alongside guests such as DJ Shadow and Roots Manuva. It’s all fun, though, all for kicks. It’s all about ‘Feelin’ Good’, hence the name of his new album.

If that sounds a bit hippy dippy, forget it, ‘Feelin’ Good’ is zesty with funk, soul, even the throbbing low slung house tune ‘Tapestry’. Of the latter he says, “House was always about fun to me. There was a period when it didn’t sound like it was made by people who could dance but now it feels like the groove is back.”

He should know, he was there at the start, delivering those seismic 1989/90 bleep classics ‘Dextrous’ and ‘Aftermath’, but it was his KLF-influenced, five-years-in-the-making dissection of hip hop to its stoned component parts, ‘Smokers Delight’, that proved he was about more than the dancefloor. He followed this with 1999’s ‘Carboot Soul’, ten tracks that had a more organic funk feel.

Both albums, in fact all George’s recording career, alongside his contemporary Balearic vision, filter into the genial bounce and contagiousness of his seventh studio outing. ‘Masterplan’ is bracing trip hop soul featuring Californian folk singer Katy Gray, ‘Now Is The Time’ is a squidgy funk assault that George reckons is marinated in Wax Da Jam flavour, ‘Give Thx’ bleeds ‘70s Motown vibes, ‘Eye (Can’t See)’is a gripping, glitched, Latin groove, the latter pair both featuring ex-Zero 7 singer Moses, while ‘Om Sweet H(om)e’ finds M People percussionist Shovel and George himself revving up to the sounds of chanting Tibetan monks.

It’s an album that’s sonically rich, with orchestration and strings created in Berlin by Jazzanova arranger Sebastian Studnitzky, keyboard by George’s long-term collaborator Robin Taylor-Firth, drums by virtuoso German jazzer Wolfgang Haffner and bass by Paul Powell, who used to be at the heart of Mica Paris’s rhythm section.

Ah yes, the bass, that’s where it all started for George Evelyn. Raised in Leeds’ inner-city (Hyde Park, Burley), the son of a bingo hall accountant mum and engineer dad, a childhood friend’s older brother was don of the local Messiah sound system. George embraced dub and reggae from nine years old. The first artist he became a fan of was dub remixer Scientist – “It wasn’t just the music, it was the cartoon sleeves,” he laughs, “I was nine years old, after all!” Picking up his father’s appreciation of everything from Duke Ellington to Isaac Hayes to Shalamar, he also built his own home system from shoeboxes and discarded speaker units purloined from a nearby television factory, all attached to a Fidelity record player.

“I come from the city but sunshine is in my music,” he explains, “It was always a natural dream to make music in the sun like I do now. Not to take away from any of my previous music but ‘Feelin’ Good’ is what I’ve always been trying to do. For instance, on ‘Give Thx’ I wanted the message to be a universal thank you for everything. I wanted to get it across in a way that was happy but wasn’t preachy, wasn’t cheesy. I had to manifest it, to genuinely mean it with energy. That’s how I went through the process of making the whole album, really feeling it.”

As well as working with Warp, George had his own label for five years, Wax On, but he ceased involvement in 2010 to concentrate on his increasingly popular Wax Da Jam nights, which grew out of his Wax Da Beach parties in San Antonio Bay.

“It’s been pivotal to my music making,” he says, “and also made me think about the new concept of my live show. I’ve done the full band thing and the sound system thing and now I really want to marry the two and to do so with a real live percussive edge.”

With tours coming this Autumn, Europe and the US will be able to see these ideas come to fruition. In the meantime, there are the ten tracks of ‘Feelin’ Good’, the same number as ‘Carboot Soul’, a good omen according to George, a man positively overflowing with good omens.

“The album initially had many possible names,” he ventures, “But I got on the mic at Wax Da Jam and talked about how music shifted the energy to make people feel good. It’s everbody’s sovereign right to feel good, so I want the album to remind people of that, a soundscape to feeling good, that’s my aim.”

Setting his sights high, as ever, with a cheery, unpretentious sincerity, George Evelyn continues to carry the original flame of acid house and late ‘80s Balearica, pushing it alive’n’kicking into 2013. His new album will surprise many, as bubbly, warm and lively a thing as will be heard all year. Nightmares on Wax are back. Then again, like the underground itself, they never really went away.

JK Soul is a producer / performer who produce hip-hop beats and trip hop music with electro sounds influences. His musical spectrum range from trip hop, hip hop, turntabilism, funk, soul, jazz, dubstep, minimal, dnb genre and chillout lounge music.

He started his musical career as a radio technician at a local radio station in Izola (Slovenia) at the age of 12.At a very young age of he was also involved with Tomy or Zox Productions, producing a large number of house tracks, which were sold throughout Europe. The track "Music Makes Me Happy" was positioned on almost all European dance charts in (2003). Later on he has discovered his passion for hip-hop and trip –hop under the influences of his long time friend Gramatik. He started discovering the magic world of beats, starches and raw hip-hop tunes and became known as one of the best scratch DJs in Slovenia with more than 10 years of experience and stared performing on concerts with the Slovenian hip-hop group 5.Element (under the artist name - DJ Flegmatik) and has preformed in all major Slovenian hip-hop festivals and events.

His first album was released in 2009 on the Cold Busted (Denver, CO) label. "Dinner with the Beatz Vol.1" was a highly fulfilling debut album. With fresh styles, skills and influences from the roots and culture of early Hip Hop and Soul, Vol. 1 is served with funky, jazzy and fresh beats, melodies and samples with tastes and styles that make it a delicious 18-track album. Same year he toured the US in Nov/Dec 2009 together with Gramatik , as an opening act for Pretty Lights.

In May 2010 he has released his 2nd album from the series " Dinner with the Beatz" with a great success. The album went straight into the TOP10 Chillout Chart @ The single "The Music" topped the Beatport chart and remained there more than a month. After more than 6 months the track was still moving on the TOP 10 Chiilout chart and was a part of Beatport's "TOP 10 Chillout songs of 2010". The album entered also on the DCOC - Deutche officall Chill Out Charts taking the 2nd spot on the Album chart, and the track "The Music" #2 on the Singles Chart.

After the US tour JK stopped further European touring and dedicated himself to the new productions.

His 3rd album "SHADOWS", released in August 2010 , involved street soul hiphop music, with wobble bass lines, synths and many other electronic sounds. Many important sources and web sites gave it a positive review.

In April 2011, Boris Bilenjki (manger and owner of Agency 4 Artists involved in managing and working with Parov Stelar, Basement Freaks, Cayetano, Carmen Rizzo, Quasamodo, Ancient Astronauts, Valique, MopMop, Brixton Boogie, Jayl Funk, V.Georgiev, Smokey Bandits, UMBO and YouTube phenomena Take Some Crime) get hold of JK Soul's work, and signed exclusive contract with him.

In May 2011 JK Soul grounded his own label "FAT Sound", and finally in June 2011 released on it "Dinner with FAT beatz", his latest long-player.

AIt immediately got a big attention and very good reviews from journalists and artist community as well as international radio play, and different collaboration offers and opportunities.

Following the invitation to SFF (Sarajevo Film Festival) and mini Croatian - Bosnian tour, JK started preparing different set-up's and concepts for his live appearances planned for 2012 both in Europe and North America.

In October 26th he released his "UNIVERSAL LOVE EP". The EP was a success and you can find it still on the top 10 Chill Out chart.

Recently JK Soul produced a full lenght album for one of the best slovenian MC's EMKEJ. Album called "Znajdi Se" and was released on 5th of March 2012. The 1st single "Znajdi Se" went straight on #2 on MTV Adria "domacica chart" just in 2 weeks. A "Znajdi se "tour started on 7th of March @ Kino Udarnik (Maribor, SLO). The show was sold out.

At the end of March the e-store leader for eletronic music has given to JK Soul the BMA (beatport music award) nomination for "best chill out artist of 2011".

"Carfish EP:

"Inspired by ancient japanese legend about the giant Catfish that causes earthquakes, JK Soul start digging and found the track Catfish blues, that (according to Paul Oliver- Screening the Blues) was initially composed by Mississippi delta blues singer Jim Jackson in 1928, and originally called "Kansas city blues part 3". 1941 Robert Petwey recorded his version, renaming it in "Catfish Blues"

Demo version grabbed immediate attention of Kabanjak (ESL Music, Switchstance recordings) in Germany and Cayetano (KLIK, Etage Noir) in Greece. JK found a great Canadian painter, Robert Ives, who contributed his canvas "Catfish" for the cover of this release.


JK Soul is preparing a new full lenght album witch will be intitled »Take Me Higher« and it will be released on Cayetano's Greek record label »Pale Records«. The album will be a pure mixture of music geners from funk, to dubstep, house and drumnbass.

Mikey Thunder

Mikey Thunder likes to party. But more than that, Mikey Thunder just so happens to be the party. Thunder spins a genre-blending, bass-driven partyrock, fusing banging electronic beats with funk, hip-hop, soul, jazz, blues, swing, reggae and anything else the party may call for on the fly. With 19 years in the game, he's mastered the art of improvisation with an uncanny ability to work with and rework the vibe of the party with precision. If you’re a true connoisseur of the Colorado music scene, you’ve seen Mikey share the stage with any number of your favorite artists- no matter the genre.

It all began for Mikey at the age of 15 when he discovered DJing in Springfield , Mass. Thru friends older brother's record collections and the Hiphop scene in the city. From there he moved up to Burlington Vt. and immersed himself in the diverse musical culture. In the fall of 1999, he relocated to the mountains of Jackson Hole where he was soon kidnapped by Michael Franti and Spearhead for the Stay Human Tour. After opening for Spearhead in Jackson Hole, Thunder was handpicked by Michael Franti to open the rest of the tour, where he mixed beats into their sets, during set break, and scratched with their beatboxer, Radioactive.

After the Spearhead tour Mikey relocated to Boulder and continued to pursue his musical career. At that time Thunder also was an Atari playing stuntman/ DJ in the band Sonar. The band shared the stage with the Wailers at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, the String Cheese Incident, and played Hightimes Magazine’s SXSW party, and the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. In the fall of 2009 Mikey joined the Pretty Lights crew, opened for over 30 shows on their tours and performed cuts on the Making Up a Changing Mind EP, released in 2010. He also has played the sold out Red Rocks Amphitheater runs with PL in 2012/13/14.

Since that time, he has made his presence known in every single facet of the Colorado music industry. Over the years he has shared the stage with an extremely diverse range of musicians, including (but certainly not limited to): Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, The Disco Biscuits, Boombox, Soul Live, Lettuce, The Motet, Michal Menert, Nightmares on Wax, Mr. Scruff, DJ Krush, Bonobo, Z Trip, DJ Qbert, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Jurassic 5, Slick Rick, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface killa, Red Man, Juicy J, and Big Boi of Outkast. Additionally, he has been prominently featured on such festivals as Shambhala, Sonic Bloom, Snowball, Global Dance Festival, and many others.

Mikey Thunder’s true talent lies in his versatility. Every Thunder performance presents something familiar in an entirely unfamiliar way, as well as something unfamiliar presented in a way that is immediately recognizable as Thunder.


With well over a decade on decks, CurlyOnE is not showing any signs of slowing....

His unwillingness to get stuck in one style of music has allowed him to be featured at a wide variety of events, such as Global Dance Festival @ Red Rocks, Skylab @ Denver Colosseum, and guest party rock DJ for the Colorado DMC Championships 4 years running.

He's blessed to have performed with artists such as Reid Speed, Danny the Wildchild, Nero, Skrillex, Dieselboy, Major Lazer, Ishe, DJ Hyperactive, Jon Bishop, Nigel Richards, Terry Mullan, Lyrics Born and more. He's even been on several tours with great artists such as Masta Ace & Edo G, Souls of Mischief, Prime Element, Sweatshop Union (Swollen Members), and Grieves.

His mixing style has been heard on many radio shows, such as Dub Cartel Radio, Dirty Circuit Radio, Basementalism 1190, Filthcabin, Sub.logic, Bass Villains and Lost-Art.

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