Dr. Cirkustien, American Lesion, All Rise, TC Costello, Wet Brain

Dr. Cirkustien

Charlotte's Premiere Jazz/Polka/Reggae/Funk/Punk/Lounge/Metal Show! We are what you get when you put your entire music library on shuffle!

American Lesion

American Lesion is the story teller of the American dream, as well as the American nightmare. The hopes and aspirations that push the glory and the fantasy, but making sure the cold underbelly is never misunderstood.

American Lesion has been honored and humbled to play with The Misfits, Fuel, Flaw and Ten Years spreading the infectious gospel of Outlaw Rock to the masses.

American Lesion has been compared to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and The Beatles at times, and at others compared to Nirvana, Tool, Clutch and occasionally Wolfmother.

American Lesion is the product of five severely different tongues licking the same hot wire, creating an explosion of static snow that burns the American dream into your soul.

All Rise

All Rise is a three piece hardcore street punk band, that is nationally known. With extreme stage presence for a 3 piece band, everything is brutal as can be. With the anger and the truth of the band it's hard not to listen and not want to completely throw down, or throw up. Up the punx and support your scene.

TC Costello

Equal parts punk rock and world music, T.C. McManus is as likely to play a centuries-old Korean love song as a Dead Kennedys cover. His shows feature many instruments such as guitar, accordion or the Khaen, an ancient bamboo instrument from Laos, where he studied the instrument in 2010. His original songs, based on world music but with punk intensity, are often humorous , sometimes political, but always fun. .. And without exception, his songs go well with beer.

Wet Brain

Wet Brain is an all female punk band from Baltimore, Maryland.



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