Conway, John Murry, Lisa Alma, Julia Easterlin, Jamaican Queens

Conway is a singer, writer and a sayer of things that are on her mind and stuck in her side. She wants to tell you what she sees and how she sees it. She hopes you talk back.

Born in south St. Louis, born again in Brooklyn and currently coming into her own in LA, Conway offers a solo debut reflective of a journey that has been a trip!! "I take it to the heart. I take it to the head." She's all in.

John Murry is a native of Tupelo, Mississippi, whose first solo record, The Graceless Age, came out earlier this year. The album, recorded by the late Tim Mooney from the American Music Club, earned rave reviews when it was released in the UK last year; Uncut Magazine had it on its shortlist for the Album of the Year prize, and Uncut's Allan Jones called it "a personal favourite of the last 12 months, second only to Bob Dylan's Tempest." The Sun newspaper in London and R2 Magazine each gave Murry's debut 5 out of 5 stars, and Americana OK named it Album of the Year.

Lisa Alma

Lisa Alma blends her soothing voice with tranquil piano chords and pulsating electronic beats to create an encapsulating dream-pop universe. Her self-titled album's melodramatic aura puts a contemporary spin on '80's pop music. Intoxicating sounds and contemplative lyrics produce a sense of depth on her powerful debut album.

Lisa Alma – born in 1986 – hails from the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. With a Masters in Theatre and Performance Studies, her self-titled album is a combination of personal experience and artistic expansion. Her work in the field of performance arts and photography has invoked a sense of transcendental music that permeates multiple mediums.

"What I like about making music these days, is that you can combine all sorts of artistic expressions into one output."- Lisa Alma.

Her incorporation of film and photography help to further realize her already powerful musical message.

Julia Easterlin

Julia Easterlin is an American singer/songwriter born in Georgia. She creates her music using a looping machine, which allows her to layer several recordings of her own voice, an effect which The Boston Globe described as a "One-woman a capella group." She perfected this technique at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and later played in Berklee's CMJ Music Marathon showcase in New York City.

Jamaican Queens

It's tempting to roll your eyes when a band bursts out of the gate boasting their own invented genre label. On their weirdly intoxicating debut album, Wormfood, Detroit duo Jamaican Queens have branded their particular style "Detroit trap pop," but it's a note-perfect description—over nine familiar-yet-strangely-foreign tunes, vocalist/producer Ryan Spencer and producer/instrumentalist Adam Pressley dole out warbled, snot-nosed indie-pop melodies over hip-hop beats (booming 808 snares, whizzing synths), with a gritty, street-level lyrical approach focused on urban violence, drug parties, and social decay.



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