Ott & The All-Seeing I

Ott & The All-Seeing I is a live four piece band performing featuring Ott (electronics), Naked Nick (vocals, guitar, synths, and percussion), Chris Barker (bass), and Matt White (drums), the band captures all the intricate glory of Ott’s electronic sets, but augments them with a raw power and spontaneity which propels the songs to another level. Naked Nick is responsible for guitars and vocals on many of Ott’s best loved songs such as ‘Adrift in Hilbert Space’, ‘The Aubergine Of The Sun’, and ‘The Queen Of All Everything’. Chris Barker is the other half of Umberloid and has provided bass on Ott, Hallucinogen in Dub, and Sphongle albums. Matt White is a drummer of some 25 years of experience who first played with Ott and Chris Barker in their first band as teenagers way back in the late 1980’s. Together, they are Ott & The All-Seeing I.

Colorado's O-NEB has recently opened up on the scene, impressing audiences far and wide with their new style of music that blends elements of electronic, ambient, downtemps, breakbeat, rock, acid jazz, and ethereal grooves.

O-NEB consists of Fleeb Thomas on bass, Dan Raasch on Drums and Matt Newhard on Guitar. These musicians have come together not only to inspire the dance floor (which they do on a regular basis), but also to spread positive vibrations through music.

The rise of O-NEB has been swift and complete, as was evidenced at the first show they ever played together, a sold-out gig at Colorado's famous Mishawaka Amphitheater with musical icons from across the pond, Shpongle and Ott. In addition to these two major names, O-NEB has shared the stage with such heavy-hitters as the Disco Biscuits, Random Rab, Bluetech, Lotus, David Murphy (of STS9), Ana Sia, Eskmo, Boombox, Signal Path, EOTO, and RJD2.

Currently laying out the textured psychedelic grooves for their first album, O-NEB shuns the formulaic in favor of a purely original sound, a gamble that has paid off in the long run for this talented quartet. The music refuses to be classified and, as a result, gives the sense that the members of O-NEB are truly breaking new ground.

ProJect Aspect

“In 2008, Jay Jaramillo developed ProJect Aspect, a progressive new paradigm for exploring music and engaging with the community. With over 12 years of dedicated musical experience, three of which were spent producing electronic music, Jaramillo has honed a highly developed style instantly recognizable and uniquely his own. With a pair of the fastest hands in the business and the unbridled passion of an inspired genius, Project Aspect wears his heart on his sleeve and lays his soul bare in every track he creates. His style encompasses everything from stunningly gorgeous electronic anthems featuring sultry female vocals to explosive, window-shattering, dance-floor bangers. Project Aspect is rapidly garnering support throughout the national electronic community and has shared the stage with artists such as STS9, Feed Me, Datsik, EOTO, MartyParty, VibeSquaD and Nit Grit. Within the past 2 years Jay has released 4 Full Length albums on forward thinking labels such as 1320records, Simplify, and Gruntworthy, one of which being a collaboration album with fellow Colorado comrade Unlimited Gravity, 2 Remix albums on Bandcamp as well as being featured on multiple Compilation albums such as Subsynthesis' 'Bass From Above and Mimi Page's 'Harmonious Heartbeats: The Mimi Page Remixes'. With a personal music library as expansive as the spectrum of human emotions, Jay has orchestrated his musical journey around providing an exceptionally unpredictable, unprecedented live performance. Project Aspect is only just beginning, and he has already performed at several noteworthy sites such as Sonic Bloom Festival, Wakarusa Music Festival and Global Dance Festival at the legendary Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Morrison Colorado. Each sets is composed of entirely original material, and every show is an utterly inimitable occasion of phenomenally relevant artistic expression and creative brilliance.”
-Ethan Baer (

In 2008 I began ProJect Aspect, a new vision in a digital/electronic light. My Aspect is the specifics included within the depths of sound, creating multiple layers to overall provide an unpredictable live performance meant to touch the soul. A lot of emotion goes into writing tracks for me. The biggest opportunity to express my rawest of feelings and lay them all out on the table. I write songs to perform them live. Nothing makes my heart happier than playing live music and connecting with new people. In January 2008 I began pursuing musical creation in a new light. With electronic/hip hop influences ranging all across the galaxy, I Started "ProJect Aspect". A new vision, way of looking at music as a whole, an idea if you will. Computer performance is the backbone of this project and performing 100% Organic, original material is an essential piece in what which makes ProJect Aspect. With a vast array of heavy bass tones, melodic ambience, whompy hyphy crunchy beats, and mashup acapellas, Aspect brings a unique sound to the dance floor that will leave you craving more!
-Jay Jaramillo (ProJect Aspect)!

Future Simple Project

Future Simple Project is an amalgamation of musical, movement and aerial artists. FSP features audio performers MIRAJA & MIKEY FISHER of the Family Moons Artist Collective / Dubanimals. They are often joined by live violinist Ilya Goldberg, aerial fabric dancers and movement artists MaQi Star, Akayate, Jilly Kat, Lani, Shakti Sunfire, and other special guests. Together this dynamic group weaves a sacred visual soundscape intertwined with pretty melodies, complex rhythms, gripping basslines and mystifying movement.

Buddha Bomb

Buddha Bomb was born in our Solar System on the planet Neptune. Meanwhile, at the same time on Earth, it was the 22nd day of February. Friday afternoon. Quarter past 5. Just in time for Happy Hour.

Buddha Bomb was born a Pisces in the Year of the Water Dragon.

A direct descendant of the great god Neptune, Buddha Bomb left that planet for Worldly pursuits. Buddha Bomb quickly became disillusioned with our World. Earth was good, although a little flat. Something was missing and Buddha Bomb was determined to find it.

Early in life, at the tender age of 8 Earth years, Buddha Bomb questioned authority, asking if God existed or not. After being told that God doesn't want him to think such things, Buddha Bomb reasoned thusly: If there is no God, then there is no Supreme Being to prevent Buddha Bomb's thinking process. Or, if there is a Supreme Being, Creator of the entire Universe, then He must be a Big enough God to allow Buddha Bomb such thoughts. In both cases, Buddha Bomb opened up.

Two years later, Buddha Bomb made the Universe disappear. Having seen his reflection in the Vast Expanse of Nothingness, the Universe arose again. His journey continued inward, and deeper. Living the life of an American Hippie, Buddha Bomb experienced just about everything Imaginable, and many things Unimaginable.

Buddha Bomb traded long hair and a beard for Buddhist teachings and a meditation cushion. After meditating in Holy places for many years, his heart and mind were open. Buddha Bomb heard Techno Music with the power to transform consciousness. Buddha Bomb's calling became louder.

Did Buddha Bomb find what was missing on planet Earth?

Listen to Buddha Bomb spin Psytrance, Chill, Ambient, IDM, Old School, and other forms of Electronic Music. Whether on the Radio or playing in front of a Live Audience, Buddha Bomb gives it his All - ALL for your listening pleasure, that is!

One last thing. Why the name Buddha Bomb?

Buddha is Formless, representing space, allowing all possibilities to occur.

Bomb is Form, action, motion, spice, heat, texture, the beats.

Chill Music is the Buddha...Sizzling Psytrance the Bomb.

One does not Exist without the other.


"The TIERRO Band brought primal thunder to our main stage this summer, with tribal rhythms and ecstatic guitar leads that took our audience on a climactic journey of dance and sound. One of the few bands in the festival scene who really know how to push the envelope, we look forward to their return to our stages for many summers to come." Emilio Miller-Lopez, Producer, Faerieworlds

The live band TIERRO, delivers a tribal beat, mystic dance experience. Sensual melodies rip into a fusion of earth shaking rhythms that insist you follow, dance, and let go of your inhibitions. Backed up by the legendary drumming skills of Jonny Jyemo , and master bassist Charlie Parker, Tierro's lead guitar stylings conjure up images of Carlos Castaneda, Santana, David Gilmore and Ravi Shankar all with a beat you can't stop dancing to!

Soulacybin was incubated as pure auditory information, coded deep in alien realms of distant, future space. This auditory entity was sequenced into the DNA of a mushroom spore, then propelled through time and space on a trajectory for Planet Earth. Upon arriving on our planet, the spore germinated in the form of Earth music, bringing its intricately coded information to us through precisely arranged sound and vibration. Representing the bio-mechanically fused organisms of its home world, Soulacybin balances deep, squishy realms of organic dub with digital, hyper-active percussion and slimy, stretchy basslines. Thriving on the nervous system of musician John LaBoone, Soulacybin is here to bring its yet-unknown alien message to lovers of deep, patient, thoughtful music.

Cloud-D is a self taught Dubstep / Lazerbass producer from Denver, Colorado. He's been making music for over 2 years and devotes nearly 6 hours per day to sound design. He loves to combine intricate drum patterns with his hyphy take on whomp bass along with gliding synths, lazers, blips, soundscapes and field recordings. He is a musician and lead designer for the Mile High Sound Movement

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