Grovefest Music Showcase

The Crane Wives

The Crane Wives are a home grown indie-folk outfit from Grand Rapids, Michigan that defies musical stereotypes. They utilize three-part vocal harmonies, eclectic instrumentation, and a passion for songcraft to create organic music that is both accessible and innovative. Each live show features contagious energy as well as original music that ranges from whisper quiet ballads to danceable grooves.

The band formed in late August of 2010, and finished the recording of their self-produced debut album "Safe Ship, Harbored" in April of 2011. The record was released on May 12th at Founder's Brewing Company in GR.

Their new full length album, also self-produced at Sound Post Studios, was released September 22nd, 2012 at the Intersection in GR.

The Crane Wives are happily endorsed by Deering Banjos.

The Shams Band

Music is supposed to be fun, exciting, thought provoking and daring. On every live performance, The Shams Band makes sure that their audience leaves each concert with a personal feeling of satisfaction. Drawing heavily from their Kinks, Rolling Stones, and Wilco influences, singer/songwriters Biggins/Gulyas create distinct, personal songs. Once completed with unique four-part harmonies, the songs
come to life, tell stories, and send audiences singing all the way home.

The Shams Band features music trapezing the line between blues, country, and pop music. They have opened for national acts Drive-By Truckers, Dawes, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes and Grace Potter & The Nocturnals.

The Shams Band is the epitome of a "do-it-yourself" group. They get every audience excited and dancing from their catchy hooks and rock 'n roll atmosphere. It's whiskey-driven. It's a party. It's rock 'n roll with a banjo.

Moon Jr.

Moon Jr. started in 2003 as Paulines basement when (singer) August Rolufs and (keyboardist) Nathan Showalter started writing and recording music together in the 6th grade. Joining them were their classmates (bassist) Mac Crain and (drummer) Brian Taggart. After high school they disbanded after the bass player and drummer moved away for school. In the summer of 2010 Augie and Nate met (local drummer) Jonathan Ammerman and began jamming with Nates younger brother Lucas Showalter on the bass. After several name changes ( rude machine, the quills, the fuzz) they decided on Moon Jr. and they have been jamming ever since ~speaking in 3rd person (jonathan Ammerman)



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