Deathtrap America, After Nations

Deathtrap America

Born in the dark, damp trenches of the Northwest's Interstate 5; Inspired by the events of today's crumbling world around us; fueled by RICH guitar tones, and COMMANDING bass lines; DRIVEN by thunderous drum beats and odd time signatures...DEATHTRAP AMERICA.... is here to take you were most have forgotten existed. This power trio from San Francisco, CA is at the forefront of a newly sculpted Progressive Punk era, and they are ready to take you on their journey through it...

After Nations

Loud, face-melting, and mind collapsing prog rock from Kansas City.

Booker Long Duo

Oakland's up and coming musicians Ryan Scott Long and Michael J.C. Booker have been pursuing their dreams of music since birth. These two met in a bathroom at Chabot College (don't get the wrong idea). Michael told Ryan about a performance he was doing and Ryan loved it. At the time Ryan was in a project called S.K.O.P.E (Some Kind of Psychedelic Experience) with Ben Wallace-Ailsworth (bassist and drummer). Ryan told Ben "We gotta hook up with this guy, he's amazing" after seeing Booker play.
S.K.O.P.E then recruited Booker and went on to play as trio until the fall of 2012 as Ben went off to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Now Booker and Long have formed their own project as a duo playing mainly improvised music and calling their genre "Confusion Fusion" with experimental jazz, psychedelic, funk and Avant-Garde elements. Their first record "The Chance" was released on July 5th, 2013. The duo mixed the record with Grammy Award Winning engineer Oz Fritz (Primus, Tom Waits, Bob Marley). And "super genius" Grammy Nominee Myles Boisen (John Zorn, Fred Firth) mastered their record.
Booker and Long enjoy making their shows feel like an experience that people can resonate with by being able to feel the music and sounds in their hearts and souls. Together they create an environment where their audience can do whatever they feel like doing. Booker and Long plan on continuing this project doing what they want to do and playing what they feel like playing while not being afraid to experiment.



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