Wild Leaves

Wild Leaves is about home and the music is grown out of that. Their sound is something nostalgic, something with history - like a record rediscovered in your attic. The hazy melodies and washed-out reverb recall memories not yet lost.

Streets of Laredo

Streets of Laredo is the kind of folk band Brooklyn was made for. A quartet that grabs what instruments they have around, and howls at the moon collectively over broken hearts, getting stuck in crappy situations, and wondering about how the hours pass by. Singing almost entirely in harmony, this band is every bit a family...
- Deli Magazine

Great American Canyon Band

A dreamy skein of burnt lemon yellow and creamy beige music. The Baltimore based band set the day ablaze with a certain kind of indie folk that sounds like it had an affair with shoegaze–complete with delicate guitar, gauzy back-up vocals and that intangible sadness that some musicians carry not only in their vocal cords, but in the way the words sail via those vocals.



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