An organic, flowing style of progressive metal with bold rock buildups, which also merges into the realms of epic, classic doom. Comprised of vocalist/bassist Sean Bolton, lead guitarist Lydia Giordano and drummer Ruston Grosse (former Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Woe, and touring drummer for Master).

Described as visceral beautifully-executed prog metal Surgeon inhabit a rare space that could attract rock radio attention as well as a good share of the trve among us. Surgeon is set to release their second album, Chemical Reign, in May 19th 2013.

The album mixes hooks with intricate melodies that help in crafting each song as an individual piece of art, creating a consistent album that is ambitious and bold. The album captures the raw energy that the band unleashes live; as the three seasoned musicians have become known throughout the Philadelphia region.

Dirt Worshipper

Heavily influenced by nwobhm and swedish death metal, Dirt Worshipper blends a dense, intricate vision of death metal with linear song structures, complicated arrangements. Formed in 2008 out of the ashes of they're former band Aperion, Dirt Worshipper explores the nether reaches of metal subgenres. They're 1st demo releaased that same year recorded by Evan Madden (Woods of Y'pres, Woe, Riff Lifter Touring) saw the band as a 3 piece untill we recorded our 1st ep in 2010 with Chris Grigg (Woe, Infiltrator) that they realized that a second guitarist was necessary to really get the full sound we needed. Carl Whitlock (Lift the Curse) joined soon there after. Since then Dirt Worshipper has toured the east coast extensively and in 2013 recorded a new 5 somg self titled ep at Red Planet studios by Bruce Howze.

Midnight Eye

"I don’t know how we got to this point. Maybe a bunch of dudes in
Washington, D.C., with Van Halen posters on their walls and crushed
Coors cans on the floor said, “Screw it. This will always be Ian
MacKaye’s town. Let’s just shred." Thus, Midnight Eye, the hybridized
power-NWOBHM-progressive-thrash metal band with modded Jackson guitars
(probably), a penchant for King Diamond-style wails and Evil Chuck
switchbacks, plus a severely wry sense of humor. Pure shred escapism."
-Lars Gotrich (NPR Music)

Skeleton Hands

Loud hairy rock and roll dudes out of South Philly. Fuled by pizza,
Budweiser, and 30-wt motor oil. Workin fingers down to the bone



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