Fake Limbs

Fake Limbs

Steeled nerves and empty bowels are recommended when attending a Fake Limbs show, where confrontational frontman Stephen Sowley can easily scare the shit out of the unwitting. In-your-face aggression is the Chicago foursome’s stock in trade, and that’s never more evident than when the imposing singer charges into the crowd and obliterates that comfy boundary between the audience and performer known as “personal space.” — Kim Bellware, Timeout Chicago

Jack Buck

Jack Buck is a perfect example of style and substance. With super-clean aesthetics on physical releases and an almost too-pretty-for-punk-rock appearance, the band is secretly kinking your IV line, adding air bubbles to your blood stream. Jack Buck does the noise-rock thing perfectly, with intelligent arrangements that would make bands like Unsane and the Jesus Lizard proud. Vocalist Colin Webb's calculated-yet-reckless delivery stands out without taking away from the stringent riffs. JB's newest release, Soft, comes on a clear seven-inch record with two new songs that show an incredible advancement from an already stunning debut. If you like rock & roll in any form, you would be a fool to not immediately purchase this record.
-Kenny Snarzyk

The Cell Phones

We are a three-piece that formed in Chicago in 2008 and have since been playing various venues in the city proper. Our live performance is honest and straightforward; where excess vocals and effects lack we make up for in technicality and intensity. Most of our influences draw from 60's and 80's rock, but our sound lies on a foundation of Metal, Punk and New Wave; all of which Ryan and Justin have been experimenting with since middle-school. Lindsey on the other hand provides a dramatic pop element that brings accessibility to the overall sound, striking an essential contrast that most noise and grind bands tend to neglect. We aspire to be the wealthiest band in the world and one day perform on the Moon, no joke.


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