The Anti-Emo Empire Benefit/Reunion Show!!

The Anti-Emo Empire Benefit/Reunion Show!!

Up Front. Smorgasbord Records. The Anti-Emo Empire.

If you've been around the CT hardcore or punk scene in the last 20+ years, you know Jeff Terranova. He's returning from CA, having put everything on the line, and can use a hand.

Come out on Saturday, December 21st, 2013 at Cafe Nine for a night of reunions, laughs, great music, and to help out an amazing friend.

NO IMAGE (one-time reunion with the lineup that induced some of the best circle pits the Nine has ever seen!)

76% UNCERTAIN (CT hardcore legends. 'nuff said.)

THE BLACK NOISE SCAM (the Southern CT Hardcore/Thrash/Punkers return - still below average height, practicing in a log cabin just outside New Haven, and drinking Black Label Beer)

THE MISTAKEN (former Supertouch)

MALCOLM TENT (underground CT icon - "a noise maker, mentor, record peddler, radio host, and beacon for cool culture")

THE COQUETTES (fierce grrrl inspired rock 'n' roll from Hartford)


5 bux (suggested donation) gets you in the door
There will also be raffles for cool shit.

Over the years Jeff has given so much to the scene, be there to say thanks!

No Image

No Image is Toby Hampp (Chelloveck 4, Lushlife, Stalwart, The Spoilers) on vocals, Mike Driggs (Fired Up) on guitar, Jeff Terranova (Up Front, Eventide, Windfall, Smorgasbord Records, Anti-Emo Empire! Radio show) on bass and Kevin MacKenzie (The Problematics, Disaster Party, Precious Johnson) on drums.

Back when Gary "Chops" MacConnie, Kevin and Matt Norman were playing in Disaster Party, the three got together with Jeff and decided to do an old school hardcore/punk band as a side project. After a few practices the guys had a half dozen songs under their belts and the project was starting to take off faster than anticipated. Before they knew it a year had flown by and with the demise of Disaster Party, the guys decided to take the project to the next level, a full on band. Practices increased, a name was decided upon and live shows were booked. By spring of 2006 the band entered the recording studio to lay down some tracks. One month later Matt Norman decided to leave the band and was soon after replaced by Toby Hampp. Toby fit right in and within one month No Image made their live debut with a brand new front man and a year later Mike Driggs replaced Gary on guitar.

No Image are about having fun, playing fast, loud, hardcore/punk! The live set consists of 95% originals and some fun old school covers thrown in for good measure. You will sometimes even get an occasional Up Front song in the mix. Hi-fives, stage dives, circle pits and sing alongs are always encouraged. No Image aren't afraid to bring the mosh!

76 % Uncertain

CT. Hardcore Legends!

The Mistaken

featuring Andy from Supertouch & Absolution and Matt from Bold)

The Coquettes

The Coquettes were formed in the summer of 2011. Inspired by the Runaways film, Kae emailed all of the girls she knew who played instruments to participate in informal jam sessions during the summer. These sessions progressed and eventually dissolved, and in it’s wake, Kae and June decided to continue playing in a more formal environment. Kelly Skye joined the line-up on bass. After playing for roughly a year with percussionist Erin Toller, the band went through a lineup change that is still currently standing. Now featuring Morgan Williams on drums, the completed band is focusing on recording a demo and getting involved with local bands and venues, and hopes to one day tour.

Malcolm Tent

Has been bashing away at one form of music or another since 1983. He was a member of Broken Talent (known to punk record collectors the world over), Bunnybrains (globally recognized noisemongers), and Ultrabunny (a better version of Bunnybrains). In side projects, He's played with Profanatica, GG Allin, and Harvey Sid Fisher. Malcolm 's been slinging my hardcore acoustic guitar full time since 2008.

Black Noise Scam

Jeffrey Thunders brings back the band that started the Die Hipster Dynasty!! Voted best punk band in the Elm City in 2010.


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