Murder Ballads & Dark Songs

This Halloween, The Echo gets haunted. Experience the thrills and chills of murder ballads and dark songs as supergroups of bands entertain us with their favorite tunes about wicked deeds and sinister fascinations. Featuring
**RT & The 44s & Jenny Luna & Wicklow Atwater & friends as supergroup Eastside Hayride
**Tommy Santee Klaws & Bloody Death Skull & Kitchen Hips as supergroup Bloody Kitchen Klaws
**Dustbowl Revival
**Herbert Bail Orchestra

Visuals by The Mystery Machine

RT N’ THE 44′S

RT N' THE 44s is a Folk Noir band created by singer/songwriter RT Valine. Founded in 2009, the band originated in Los Angeles, CA alongside local bands Leslie and the Badgers, Spindrift, Gwendolyn , and Ruthann Friedman. Using instruments crafted from tin, 2x4's and salvaged parts, RT has stated that RT N' THE 44s was born out of "an attempt to make listenable music from junk". They have been described as a "vintage country band with dark obsessions". The band is often seen busking at various locations throughout Los Angeles and Pasadena in the tradition of Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston. As members of the New LA Folkfest the band has performed with John C. Reilly, Tom Brosseau, T-Model Ford, and Red Simpson, among other notable acts. RT N' THE 44s performs annually at The Roots Roadhouse Festival and Autry National Center. The band has recorded three full length albums for the independent label Rabid Rabbit Records, and has been featured "live in studio" on KUCI's Freedom Radio Program

Tommy Santee Klaws

"One of LA’s most original voices, Tommy Santee Klaws, has just completed their 9th release, 'Of Light,' out September 2012 on Outpost Records.

In true TSK fashion 'Of Light' combines that lilting, high voice with the startling phrasing, the plinkity-plink of a toy piano or the wheeze of a child's whistle, braced by a deep thunderous baritone vocal, add the visceral thump of the tall upright bass and the usual assortment of guitars, drums, violin and mandolin, all wrapped up in strange, sad, yet oddly optimistic compositions and you get a sense of the overwhelming and joyous presence of Tommy Santee Klaws. Although 'Of Light' treads more on the circle of life; from love, death and light, it will not disappoint any longtime TSK fan.

Tommy Santee was born in California, but settled in Thailand with his family, where his parents were missionaries for Assemblies of God. By his early teens, his family had relocated Tommy and brother Sam (who is also an integral part of TSK) back to the US. Like his music, unpredictability and adventure seem to have marked his early life. With a tumultuous childhood, music became a refuge and savior for Tommy and with this early discovery it was without a doubt what his life had in store for him, but music, with a sense of ease and purposeful direction.
This band, by appearing to simplify the elements of a rock band and adding seemingly disparate accompaniment, is actually forging a whole new baroque/chamber/folk style of their own that is quite moving and complex."

The Herbert Bail Orchestra

The Herbert Bail Orchestra creates musical narratives that are epic tales. Taking the listener on a journey through the dark heart of the American West, emerging with a silver lining of hope and optimism. One of LA Weekly's BEST CONCERTS TO SEE IN LA. "A DANCEABLE WILD WEST SHOWDOWN, if sheriffs and outlaws resorted to dance-offs instead of gun duels." says K. Beachum of Violent Success. "RICH IN STORYTELLING…." says Kevin Bronson of BuzzBandsLA. "FOOT STOMPING FOLK" says the Las Vegas Weekly. Formed in 2011 by longtime friends and creative collaborators A. Frattolillo & A. Katz, Herbert Bail now acts as a collective alter ego for a band of 9 strong players. Featuring instrumentation from acoustic guitar, accordion, fiddle, horns and banjo to the electric guitar, keyboard, bass, drums and percussion. "Great orchestration" says LA Record. A. Frattolillo, singer- songwriter, "almost sounds like Tom Waits and Neil Diamond had a voice baby" says MySpoonful, "bottom line: Herbert Bail leaves you amazed."

Kitchen Hips

Kitchen Hips writes about vegetables, flowers, bicycles, honey, & love. Taking inspiration from early crooning females of the 1920s, gospel, angsty 60s songstresses, and woosdy folk friends, she creates a unique atmosphere for your ears. She self-released her first album, Tapered Apron, in 2012, and is now living in Los Angeles. She loves to play shows whenever and wherever the world spins her - if you've got a gig, give her a holler!

Bloody Death Skull

Bloody Death Skull delights in the absurd. Fronted by Daiana Feuer on electric ukulele, BDS incorporates whatever toys and instruments they like to spawn a surreal symphony rooted in early pop and soul. Riding from silly to seductive to scandalous, this space age sock hop band creates imaginative soundtracks to Feuer's mischievous storytelling. Known for exuberant live shows with a big band and costumes, BDS will unbutton your heart and tickle your brain.

Jenny Luna

From an early age, Jenny Luna has been addicted to singing and it won’t go away. Born and raised in Pasadena, she sang for choirs and musicals then started studying jazz at Pasadena City College, where she sang for the school’s Jazz Big Band and joined several smaller combos around campus. It was here that she recruited her Moondogs to form a small combo of her own. Taking inspirations from classic greats like Billie Holiday and Astrud Gilberto, Jenny Luna & The Moondogs bring old standards to life in their own unique way. Local to Pasadena, this group will take you back in time with sounds of bossa, bolero, folk, and jazz.

Wicklow Atwater and the Fallen Flame

Wicklow Atwater and The Fallen Flame is an American band. They formed and remain based in Atwater Village, Southern California. Being born and raised in the same neighborhood all five members have been the best of friends since childhood which has created an unbreakable bond that some describe as brotherhood, in turn this has created a unique energy between the group that you can sense off and on stage. Although its impossible to label Wicklow Atwater as a single genre it is safe to say they play a brand of acoustic music known as Americana which encompasses a blend of bluegrass, old time, country, folk, blues, ragtime, and rockabilly. The group consists of array of Multi-instrumentalists who have been recording, producing and releasing their own music without the aid of a record label through various show earnings and out of pocket expenditures. Growing up with big dreams and humble beginnings the boys have gotten by on a supportive fan base and a do it yourself mentality that goes hand in hand with an old fashion punk rock ethic. The Ultimate goal of the band is simple, to serenade the nation and to live and experience the beauty that this country has to offer through touring and performing on road. With that said Wicklow Atwater and the Fallen Flame does not wish to set the world on fire, they just want to reignite the fallen flame in America's heart.

$8 or $5 with costume at the door

$8 or $5 with costume at the door

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