The Hangover Brigade

The Hangover Brigade

The Hangover Brigade was born in early 2011, when a group of musically diverse friends got together to record lead singer Tawnee Kendall's debut solo EP, In Between Spaces.

Rehearsing mostly on Sundays, after eventful weekend nights in the foggy city of San Francisco, prompted the group to affectionately adopt their name. Mornings after whiskey-soaked evenings can feel like a deterrent for most; the Brigade turns hangovers into fuel, adding an extra layer of gritty passion to all their songs.

The Hangover Brigade captivates audiences with dynamic and emotionally-charged performances. Their songs range from heartbreaking to hilarious, each one, an emotional and evocative tale. The Brigade has the ability to transport you, electrify you, excite you.

The Hangover Brigade is Tawnee Kendall (vocals | guitar), Jeb Havens (vocals | piano), Jacob Wolkenhauer (guitar | melodica), Joe Hickey (bass) and Heidi Weber (drums).

The Creak is a San Francisco based acoustic quintet rooted in the bluegrass and folk tradition, but with elements of blues and punk helping them forge a sound both new and old. Energetic performances and visible onstage chemistry inspire dancing, singing, stomping and fun.

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