FARAH SIRAJ Live in New York

Named Jordan's “Musical Ambassadress”, jordanian virtuoso Farah Siraj balances a career that spans
the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Farah has performed at some of the world's most
prestigious platforms, including the United Nations, Nobel Prize Hall, the World Economic Forum,
MTV, Coke Studio, the TV show Good Morning Live in the USA, MBC TV in the Middle East and the
Antena de Oro Awards of Spain. To this date, Farah has toured the Middle East, Europe, India, South
America and the United States, spreading the message of peace and unity through her music.

Farah will be performing repertoire from her "vivacious Arabian Flamenco Jazz" style (Rolling Stone Magazine). On stage Farah will be accompanied by her ethnically diverse band,with musicians from the Middle East, Europe, the United States and South America. The concert will include music from all four regions as well as original material that fuses these influences.

$15.00 - $35.00

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