Phantom's Feast 2013: Circus of Darkness - 6:30pm


Step right up (if you dare) to take part in the freaky, twisted, demented, Circus of Darkness. A limited number of brave souls will be admitted each night, where a torch-lit path will lead you past the sideshow freaks who are desperate for human interaction. Once you reach the Big Top, the ringmaster and his assistant will guide you through a five-course meal and 90 minutes of some of the strangest performances you've never seen, as several groups attempt to win the judges' favor and join the Circus of Darkness. Who knows? You may end up as part of the show yourself... Tickets are $45.00 each and include a five-course meal, an hour and a half of entertainment, and commemorative pub glass! This is a PG-13 rated event at the very least and not for little ears or the faint of heart. Like us on Facebook: Groups of 8 or more receive $5.00 off any Night! Call (913) 721-2110

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