Mos Scocious

Mos Scocious

With the release of their debut L.P. "Ibble Dabble", Mos Scocious has set the bar with their special blend of Freak-Funk. This power trio gets the dance party going with music unlike anything you've ever heard. Combining a mixture of crunchy riffs, stunning vocals and a driving rhythm section, Mos Scocious embodies the energy of the good ol' rock and roll era with the funk of the Chicago underground. "The world needs your music", praised Chicago blues legend Corky Siegel. Formed 3 years ago, by 3 musicians with an appreciation for every genre of music. Rob Dicke, Bradley Butterworth, and Josh Rosen blend funk, rock & roll, blues, hip hop, jazz, and soul to bring you their groovin' tunes that will keep you movin' and beggin' for more. Every Mos Scocious show is an experience you won't get anywhere else and will never forget.

Evergreen Grass Band

"Armed with lightning fast, laser accurate bluegrass instruments, the EverGreen Grass Band takes stage loaded for bear and delivers a show that takes no prisoners. Their expert chops, homespun original tunes and sparkling vocal harmonies conquer the summits of musical elevations that many bands attempt, yet so few achieve. Do not miss this show" - Martha Galep, Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association Harvest Jam Director

The seeds were sown for the EverGreen Grass Band in 2008 and cultivated throughout the fertile musical grounds of Eau Claire, WI. The six members of the band, including Chicago import Steve Bateman (harmonica), gathered their traditional bluegrass instruments and grew into one of the most sought after non-traditional bluegrass acts on the Northwood's musical frontier.

Whether headlining a show or opening for such national acts as Trampled By Turtles, .357 String Band, Pert Near Sandstone or Cornmeal, just to name a few, the band has discovered that once they play a venue they are likely to get invited back. This pattern played out throughout 2010 as these self-proclaimed "not quite a bluegrass band" musicians spent the festival season barnstorming the Midwest building their fan base and promoting their first CD, "For Sheriff".

2010 saw the release of their much-awaited CD, which received critical acclaim in Volume One, Eau Claire's art and entertainment magazine. Shortly thereafter, EverGreen was voted "Best Bluegrass Band" in the same publication's annual reader poll.

"For Sheriff" is a first rate production highlighting the songwriting skills of Tim Litscher (guitar, vocals) and Caleb Horne (mandolin, vocals). The 12 selections, all originals, showcase each picker's breakneck speed and instrumental prowess with Matt Jagow (banjo, vocals), Mike Turner (fiddle), Dan Turner, (bass, vocals) and Bateman rounding out the personnel. The band's composition "Backroads Stretches" offers an anyone-can-sing-along delight, the playful "Six Reasons I'm Single" satisfies the urge to kick up one's hillbilly heels and the opening track, "Rusty Nail", provides a safe alternative to caffeine for all ages.

While many traditional bluegrass bands commonly repeat lyrical themes, EverGreen has cultivated a wide variety of subjects and outlooks in the song craft of Litscher and Horne. Their melodies stay with the listener and their stories and perspectives reach outside the genre to create unforgettable passages and refrains. Their instrumentation reflects the high energy, non-traditional approach of the band while paying due respect to the time honored roles of the instruments. The recipe results in a well- seasoned musical smorgasbord of Americana delights.

Adrian Krygowski

One of the first things Train Case Management was asked to do after signing Adrian, was to build a consistent band in the Nashville area. (Those from the area know musicians move around alot in a vast scene). Adrian had already been playing with Paul Niehaus on Pedal-Steel (Calexico, Justin Townes Earle, Lambchop) for a few months, with several new songs and Nashville-local showcases needing a fuller sound. TCM immediately found Jared Manzo, after playing with Derek Hoke & Chris Scruggs, and the consistent 3-Piece was formed.
With a rotating cast of drummers, Aaron Dister (Heypenny), Simon Roper (St. Johns), Joe Curet, etc., the band tracked "Roam", all brand new songs since Adrian moved to the East Nashville neighborhood. With the release of the LP, the full-band has only gotten more prominent in the scene, with well-known showcases such as 8 off 8th, $2 Tuesdays, Daytrotter, New Faces, Terryfest, and co-headlined their first date at The High Watt in May '13, with Music City Mayhem's darlings, Mercy Bell.



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