The Rough and Tumble

The Rough and Tumble

"The Rough & Tumble met when Mallory Graham found a notebook on a double-decker bus. When she opened it there were pages and pages of words from sad, old country songs, to-do lists with nothing crossed out, pages torn from church hymnals, minor league baseball tickets, self-written wedding vows, a Number 1 China take-out menu and a copy of the declaration of independence with all the vowels crossed out in red ink. She saw Scott Tyler sitting in the corner of the bus drinking coffee and she asked if it was his. 'Yes,' he said, even though it wasn't. 'Do you remember the melodies?' he asked. 'Yes,' she said, even though she didn't."

The Rough & Tumble are two scarecrows in a cornfield, two pairs of hands stealing the same piece of candy, a dust devil that traveled seven states to get to you only to make you cry. They are the only surviving memory of the first bike accident in the history of bikes and the skinned knees and the broken hearts. They love eating fish but always feel bad about it when they put them in the pan, especially when the eyes are still intact. They wake up every morning and work on that crossword puzzle written in a forgotten language that only gets harder the more you forget. The Rough & Tumble are here to lock eyes with you in a crowded room, smile and wink at you.

Raven Jane

Raven Jane is an exploration of passion, pain and joy. Melding genres and influences to discover what makes us dance or mosh or close our eyes and hum or kiss our neighbor and fall asleep exhausted.

Rachel’s powerful vocals combine her Appalachian roots with a hard-rocking force and blues soul. Mixed with the indie, post-rock inspired experimentations of the band, they create a playful, expressive, and layered sound that aims for both the gut and the head.

Erin Peet-Lukes of Thunder and Rain

Erinn is was raised on the southern California shores and started playing open mics at 16. Ever since, she's been performing her original songs at bars, cafes and street corners in Seattle and New York City.

Pete was raised in the mountains of Colorado, surrounded by mountain streams, pine trees, and country music. A picker turned songwriter, Pete and his mandolin have collaborated with many Denver based projects.

The two met in Seattle and have been playing music together ever since. They now play their western style folk in Pete's hometown of Golden, Colorado. They play house parties, bars, breweries, your backyard, your room, your soul.



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