Naked Holidays

Naked Holidays

New York City’s naughtiest holiday tradition is back with more singing, more dancing, and more naked! Now in its 7th year, NAKED HOLIDAYS is a darkly comic Yuletide bacchanalia of theater, music and burlesque. This boisterous holiday celebration puts a bawdy spin on some of our best-loved winter traditions. With all-new musical numbers, and sketches, and the traditional full-monty closer, The Naked People Play, Naked Holidays is sure to deliver more holiday
cheer than you’ve felt since puberty.

"Far better than others with similarly provocative titles . . . may be the funniest of the year"-New York Times

“The new way to celebrate the holidays!” - Time Out New York

“Honest and courageous, Naked Holidays steps outside the Disney-filled Christmas Box by offering something entertaining, raw, and audaciously clever. This excitingly raunchy, provocative show will become more of a holiday tradition than egg nog and mistletoe.”

“ . . . it is more overtly titillating and ironic than American
Apparel’s best efforts, but the Naked Holidays company is also having as much genuine fun as a bunch of naked people can have together without mistletoe and a fishbowl. There’s nothing sexier than confidence and unfettered joy, and Naked Holidays comes decked in both. Bacchus bless us, everyone.” -



There is a $20 food/drink minimum

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