Alli Battaglia & The Musical Brewing Co., Anju's Pale Blue Eyes (closing set)

Alli Battaglia & The Musical Brewing Co.

With an unmistakeable vocal tone and a songwriting palate of many colors, Alli Battaglia is an ardent and impassioned performer. Inspired to follow her dreams after surviving a near fatal auto accident, she decided to begin writing and performing. She is currently pursuing a Master's Certificate at Berklee College of Music & has shared the stage with Melvin Seals & JGB, Don Carlos, Prezident Brown, Tempest, Scott Huckabay & Hot Buttered Rum.

Ranging from funky to folky with elements of jam and the blues, Alli Battaglia shows tremendous diversity and maintains a genuine melodic quality. Influenced by the rock 'n' roll of the 60's and 70's she has created a unique and refreshing sound that strikes a true chord in the spirit of this golden musical age. Live performances garner loyal fans and emit a passionate flare that is intimate and intoxicating, bound to whisk any willing traveler away.

Anju's Pale Blue Eyes (closing set)

Anju’s Pale Blue Eyes is a group that coalesced in San Francisco in early 2011. Based around the confessional singer/ songwriter stylings of Nick Andrew, the group currently incorporates a classically trained cello backbone, postpunk and r n’b guitar playing, and the rhythmic pulse of Adirondack banjo. The songs are alternately orchestrated between disparate instruments or flowing into living, breathing jams of dynamic and melodic feeling. With such various influences as socially aware acoustic folk, indie rock, shoegaze, bluegrass, classical harmony, psychedelic, and the occasional rockabilly flourish, Anju’s Pale Blue Eyes draws from many styles and brings them together for a unique musical experience. They are currently booking gigs around the Bay Area and working on their debut EP.


Haberdasher emits a range of sounds related to a funk-bluesy rock with hints of hip hop wrapped in a storytelling style that compels the investment of feeling and intellect from an audience. It is the culmination of a 6 year study of music, songwriting, improvisation, and performance utilizing a light hearted delivery to consider and explore the deeper questions of life (not to go overboard, or anything...).

Derek Bernard's rhythmic delivery and powerful lead vocals bring you into their confidence by ways of an easy going grace and a heartfelt truth that says “Take it easy peeps; let’s not let things get out of control…too much..." His relatable stage presence combined with clever, in-depth lyrics and a delivery that could be called fun and heartbreakingly wry on a good day, and a little pissed on a bad day makes the dialogue of Haberdasher one to engage with.


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