Ian Franklin and Infinite Frequency, Donovan Plant Band (closing set)

Ian Franklin and Infinite Frequency

Ian Franklin is a dynamic singer, songwriter and guitarist from the San Francisco Bay Area, performing as an acoustic solo artist and with his band, Infinite Frequency. He is inspired by many types of music – fueling both a diverse sound and a style uniquely his own, never void of passion. He mixes the best of modern pop, roots, classic-rock, funk, and 70’s soul.
Ian Franklin’s band “Infinite Frequency” has featured many great players through the years. Franklin founded the band while back east in Boston attending Berklee College of Music. The group recorded their debut CD, “What If”, with Joe Laquidara former side-man of the band Boston. They released the CD in May of 2006 and performed throughout the North Eastern United States, taking first place in the Boston Regional Global Battle of the Bands and performed at the National Finals at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA.

More recently, after relocating back home to the Bay Area, Ian Franklin recorded his last few records bay side. In June of 2012 he released "Breaking Grounds". Breaking Grounds features a cast of talented San Francisco musicians, and in true Bay Area spirit, there is no shying away from letting loose and jamming. The album takes the listener on a trip through psychedelic wailing guitar solos, horns pops (Adam Theis and Mike Olmos of Jazz Mafia, and Mark Growden), keyboard odysseys (Eric Levy of Garaj Mahal and Night Ranger), and drum grooves (Paul Spina of Frog Brigade and Groundation) that are sure to get the body moving. In 2014 Ian Franklin and the band recorded and released their newest EP, "DNR Demo", at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. they recorded the EP live and on 2" tape, capturing their magic and chemistry.

Currently, Infinite Frequency Circa 2015 features Eric Strand on drums, Jen Rund on bass, and Julia Beth Runkle on backing vocals and tenor sax.

Donovan Plant Band (closing set)

San Francisco bay area native Donovan Plant blends country and rock influences with lyrics inspired by the city. In 2011 he released his first EP, "Be With You" (NiteFlite Music - Germany) which included a video produced by Ricky Kelley. Donovan currently performs with the Donovan Plant band, featuring Nick Gutierrez on bass, Geoff Svendsgaard on lead guitar, Dave Andrade on drums and Alan Monasch on Keyboards

Jeff Desira

Jeff Desira is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from San Francisco who has been performing for over 20 years. He was a founding member, bassist, keyboardist and vocalist for local bands Pony Rabco, Ardor, One Step Fast, Dashboard Mary's, November, and Violet June. In 2003 his focus shifted to guitar, and since then he has taken his original acoustic-based pop songs and ballads to stages throughout the San Francisco and New York City areas.

Ray Vaughn

Ray Vaughn’s newest album may be called “Wounded Bird”, but he’s really more of a phoenix rising from the ashes of a forgotten San Francisco. He founded Punk/Art Rock band Hostages in 1979, and later Die Bossanova in 1984, leaving his mark on the then-thriving SF scene until disappearing from the public eye in 1992. Now, over 20 years later, Ray has returned as someone tempered by time and experience--with new stories to tell.

Benjamin Brown

Benjamin Brown is a singer/songwriter living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
He is a self-taught guitarist who is mainly inspired by the musicians from the aspiring immersion of blues artists in the early part of the 20th Century.

Born in Chicago, his family traveled the country during his childhood, where they ultimately settled in rural areas of Northern California. At age 16, soon after Ben found his love for guitar, he suffered an accident leaving him with three quarters of a ring finger on his right hand – what he now uses for the signature beat you hear in most of his music.

When Ben began performing, he wowed audiences at local public events and assemblies. He moved to Berkeley when he was 19 where he and his brother formed a simple, yet empowering band named Devil said Maybe - with whom he performed around the Bay Area for 2 years. Since then, his music has mellowed, singing and playing as a solo artist with a smoky draw, influenced by artists in the likes of Mississippi Fred McDowell, Howlin' Wolf, Blind Willie Johnson, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Doors and The Rolling Stones (to name a few). His lyrics suggest a sense of salvation, as he writes about triumphing a ruthless evil. However, his seemingly melancholy sound, when listened to closely, encourages an uplifting message.

You can find this rugged bluesman, with his 1951 vintage Gibson cutaway in hand and a tattered notebook of lyrics at foot, at a plethora of venues in San Francisco and surrounding areas.

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