Bunny the Bear, The Paramedic, and Evelynn w/Challenger - The Animalistic, So Sadistic Tour

Bunny the Bear

THE BUNNY THE BEAR is an experimental explosion of fresh, new music that covers a broad and sometimes ethereal, sometimes cathartic canvas. Fusing their unique sound that draws from nearly every genre of music with their intense and theatrical stage show, THE BUNNY THE BEAR have created something riveting and special.

The Paramedic

The Paramedic is a 5 piece melodic metalcore band from Dayton, Ohio.

Formed in the winter of 2009, The Paramedic quickly rose above their peers to become one of the most recognized bands in the Midwest. Incorporating influences ranging from electronica, R&B, and metal; The Paramedic has created a fresh new sound that is original and unmistakable.

In terms of substance and originality that this scene is lacking. The Paramedic is setting a new bar and this is only the beginning...


Originally a studio project of Singer / Song writer Arpan Rey. Slowly through strong friendships and common aspirations evelynn has progressed from a studio project to the 5 piece metal outfit it is today.

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