The Awesome Fest Drive-In -  Arachnophobia & Big Ass Spider!

The Awesome Fest Drive-In - Arachnophobia & Big Ass Spider!

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the drive-in movie theater. To celebrate this distinct slice of Americana, The Awesome Fest is proud to announce the creation of their very own drive-in at one of the most unique and beautiful settings that Philadelphia has to offer: The Oval, which resides directly in front of the majestic Philadelphia Museum of Art. Opening on October 18th with weekly double features through November 15th, The Awesome Fest will transport attendees back in time on a nostalgic trip to experience the drive-in at the peak of its heyday, complete with food servers on roller skates, courtesy of the Philly Roller Girls!

In honor of the original ticket prices in 1933, The Awesome Fest and presenting sponsor Enterprise CarShare have designed a 25-cent ticket for all existing Enterprise CarShare members. Additionally, front row parking will be reserved for members arriving early. The screenings are free for anyone who arrives via foot, with a select number of vehicles provided by Enterprise CarShare available for those who choose to sign-up onsite. There’s no cost to join and you will receive $15 in driving credits upon activation. Tickets for attendees who do not have a membership are $19.33 (the year of the first drive-in) per vehicle.

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From as far back as Tarantula and Kingdom of the Spiders, angry arachnid movies have been a staple of drive-in cinema, and these are two of our very favorites. Frank Marshall's Arachnophobia may be one of the most popular "killer spider" movies, but it's also one of the most quaintly charming and enjoyably suspenseful. Fun stuff. Although it debuted at the 2013 SXSW Film Festival, Big Ass Spider! (coming soon to a theater near you!) combines some quick wit with an old-fashioned love of nutty movies in which numerous shrieking people get devoured by a big-ass spider. We've seen it, it's a drive-in flick, and it is cool. Warning: "special" guests may be in attendance at this double feature, and they won't be human ones, either.

$0.25 - $19.33


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