"Liam Olson Superstar"

"Liam Olson Superstar"

In September our friends Carol and Dean's 10-year-old son Liam was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent surgery. The tumor was extensive and of a rare type, but was completely removed. Happily, Liam is recovering very well! Though the family has insurance to cover hospital bills, this medical emergency proved to be a significant financial hardship for the family, so we're going to have a party and donate the proceeds to help them out!

This is a kid-friendly shindig filled with music, baked goods, and... FUN! The wearing of Halloween costumes is encouraged! There will fabulous baked goods for sale as you enjoy music of The Gomers, who will be hosting Kiddyoke. Your rock star child can sing a song with The Gomers as his or her back-up band! Then, dig the happy hollerin' Kentucky-fueled tune-age of Winn Dixie, followed by Liam's favorite rock band Torn Curtain, a Television tribute band.

Torn Curtain (Television Tribute)

A tribute to the great prog-punk band, Television.

Winn Dixie (Last Show)

Winn Dixie: three wayward Kentucky Colonels forming a Madison, WI based super group of pickin', grinnin', and general insanity.

Kiddyoke w/ the Gomers

Welcome to Kiddyoke, a pint-sized version of Gomeroke, where audience members get to do karaoke with a full band backing them up. Kiddyoke draws in parents and children alike - not only is it participatory for children, but there's a sense that anything can happen when kids get ahold of a microphone in front of an audience. Some kids do faithful renditions, while others just start free associating on stage.

$10 / $5 for 12 & Under

Family Friendly Event

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