Julia Sheer

Julia Sheer

As golden as the city she comes from, Colorado native Julia Sheer seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to her music. Numbers don't lie and with the views on her Youtube channel in the ten's of millions it's no wonder that all of her social media sites are exploding and her popularity continues to skyrocket.

Julia is a cornerstone in the new generation of artists who understand the power of the internet and the rewards of an unlimited fan base not only in the United States but worldwide. Her charisma overflows on camera and between her all American smile and her angelic vocals, it's easy to see why she is already loved by so many. Julia Sheer is an undeniable star!

Jimmie Deeghan

Former guitarist/vocalist of Every Avenue

Landon Austin

Hey I'm Landon! And I'm just really glad youre here 🙂



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