Take the Power Back  & Shoot To Thrill

Take the Power Back (all girl Rage Against the Machine tribute band)

TAKE THE POWER BACK established themselves as the world's first and only all-female Rage Against the Machine tribute band in October 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee. Since that time, they've shared stages with many popular all-male tribute bands, and they’ve followed in the footsteps of RATM by performing at benefit shows for local non-profit organizations such as Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp. At TAKE THE POWER BACK shows, RATM devotees offer their ecstatic approval. Those expecting a novelty act instead find a gutsy rock band, and the skeptical are converted.

Upon hearing RATM's self-titled first record for the first time in over ten years, guitarist Sarah Rose Jones rediscovered why Rage's songs resonate with so many people - including herself as a teenage girl in the mid-1990s. She then made it her mission to find three other like-minded women to share the experience of playing Rage's fervent and passionate music. Local drummer Laura Taylor was excited enough by the idea to immediately go home and play the only RATM song on her iPod (for the record, it was "Bulls on Parade"). Though bassist Sarah Shepherd will be quick to tell you that she was previously completely unfamiliar with RATM, she soon found herself to be a new Rage fan. It would take a special person to capture the intensity as well as the sensitivity of frontman Zack de la Rocha, and the logical choice was Katy Odenbaugh, even though this would be her first time in a band. An administrative professional by day, Katy has managed not only to express de la Rocha's distinct voice with a powerful feminine style, but also to capture his ferocious screams in a way no one could imagine upon first glance.

These four ladies aspire to carry forth the ideals represented by RATM. Rap legend Chuck D once made the statement that by naming their band Rage Against the Machine, de la Rocha and his bandmates made a promise to their fans to do just that. TAKE THE POWER BACK chose their own band name in that same vein, rather than going with a girly twist on a Rage song title (of which they've heard quite a few... and they're all amusing). Conscious of both the unconventional rarity of being an all-female rock band playing protest music, TAKE THE POWER BACK seeks not only to rock RATM fans by staying true to the songs, but also to change minds and shift attitudes about what it means to be in the minority, much in the same way their forefathers in RATM did.

Shoot To Thrill (all girl AC/DC tribute band)

Shoot to Thrill is a female tribute to AC/DC. Not only are the girls professional musicians with impeccable skills, they are also quite easy on the eyes and full of energy for an entertaining stage show!
The girls decided on AC/DC in particular according to rhythm guitarist Wendy because “it’s a marriage of compelling music and creative story-telling. The guitar work is intricate yet not overplayed, while the rhythms are driving and dynamic. The silence is as important as the noise and the lyrics are relatable and captivating. You just HAVE to sing along!.... or air-guitar…. or BOTH!” They decided to do a full tribute rather than a cover band according to lead guitarist Susan because “a tribute is much more challenging. You play many songs by the same artist and really reach inside that artist copying not only their playing style but also their signature stage moves. It's really quite an art and very rewarding when you make it all come together”.
Singer Kim joins Shoot To Thrill from the metal scene with a voice that can match anything from blues to classical. When she's not onstage, you'll find her writing and recording in studios along the East Coast. Guitarist Susan joins the band from the New York City scene. She's played face melting solos at clubs like CBGBs and the Continental. Bassist Pamela joins Shoot to Thrill from the LA punk and metal scene. She rocked the masses along the Sunset strip at clubs like Whiskey A Go Go and The Roxy Theater and more. Rhythm guitarist Wendy joins the band from the original music scene. Wendy is an accomplished singer/guitarist/songwriter who has had songs in movies and on Lifetime TV. Her musical gifts even landed her face on The Tonight Show where Jay Leno described her as “a hottie”. The drummer lineup has been a little more dramatic. There were the ones who combusted spontaneously and those that choked on other people's vomit. But these days, Ropey keeps it steady, parties cautiously, and avoids open flames.
The girls look forward to meeting you and rocking you into an unbelievable frenzy of good times!

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