Modern Life Is War

Modern Life Is War

Modern Life Is War are one of the most beloved bands in the punk rock/hardcore world of the last decade, appealing to everyone from the jaded to the driven. The band released three highly influential albums before announcing a temporary hiatus in 2007.

"Fever Hunting" is Modern Life is War's triumphant 2013 return to form with original lineup of Chris Honeck, Matt Hoffman, Jeffrey Eaton, Tyler Oleson and John Eich in place. A true story of their collective coming of age, "Fever Hunting" plays and reads as an open diary of their last five years. Exposing every frayed nerve and internal struggle that it's creators carried deep within their hearts. Impassioned, embattled, and forever resilient to the world outside.

From the first strikes of the anthemic opener "Old Fears, New Frontiers" it's apparent that Modern Life Is War have not lost a step in absence, but have quickened pace on their own path. From there, the outpouring is overwhelming as eleven songs unfurl with equal and unmatched emotional weight. All of them bravely moving forward rather than resting on past laurels. Recorded by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios (Converge, etc) and Mastered by Brad Boatwright at Audiosiege Engineering (From Ashes Rise, etc).

"Dark, dramatic post-punk from Oakland's awesome Wax Idols. Helmed by Hether Fortune, Wax Idols have improved on their already-great debut album in just about every way. The melodies are stronger, the vocals echoed and haunting, and the playing is at an unflagging level of intensity. While early 80s Siouxsie And The Banshees and 4AD are decent reference points, the song-writing is all Wax Idols and they bring a very modern sensibility, along with sterling production help from Monte Vallier (Weekend, The Soft Moon). It's pop in the largest sense - strongly melodic, confident and impossible to ignore." - via Slumberland Records

"...they're so fucking punk they've been known to cover Christian Death's "Romeo's Distress" live (which pretty much means that a band made up of three girls and a guy has more "cajones" than an upstate NY mosh-pit)."


My new hardcore punk band. Members of Tear It Up, Find Him and Kill Him, Deep Sleep, Knife Fight and three members of Kent State.

I moved to California last October and got in touch with Paul D'elia from Broken Patterns with whom Deep Sleep played a handful of dates with on our West Coast tour a few years back.
I thought I'd ask he if he might be interested in joining Kent State and he asked if I was interested in doing Suspect with Nick Townsend from Knife Fight (who also joined Kent State) and Spencer from Find Him and Kill Him. We just finished recording 8 songs 6 of which appear here.



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